Condemnation: A Thief of Joy

It was all done in a minute , my eyes wide opened in shock and in disbelief of what just happened . I could see devil in my mind laughing so hard and it reminded me of the garden of Eden . Eve had just given her dear husband who is supposed to teach her the right way and remind her of the instructions of God the forbidden fruit and he ate it ! And all of a sudden their eyes was popped open the way mine just got popped open  . It pained Adam the more like it was paining me the more because he wasn’t deceived , he chose to , he made a choice that even when he knows the devil is wrong , he will still go ahead to bite every last part of that forbidden fruit and so it was for me . I knew what I was about to do was death but I was stuck already and I made a choice to go ahead . I sat down when it was all done , I cried and I kept crying because It was like I was going to go back to the beginning so I sat down all day , mopping around like a child until I heard . “Am I truly your father? 

I go to the prayer room everyday shouting and screaming how much of a father God is to me , how I could tell him anything and walk up to him in the place of prayers for anything but here I am sulking because suddenly I got a F in mathematics. No one loves to fail or disappoint their dads but God is not like our earthly fathers and that is why he said “what can separate us from his love?” The whole of the Bible from genesis to revelation is God bragging about how much he loves us and we can talk to him about anything and everything but instead we chose to think of God as human who is always ready to condemn us when we make mistakes . Condemnation is the cage of the devil to keep us trapped from receiving restoration and if we don’t see condemnation as death and as a place we should avoid no matter what we will end up getting depressed and this is often time the cause of suicide . God is always ever ready to receive us back but we have to be ready just like the prodigal son to run back to him because his arms are always wide open to take us in . Our failure to understand who we are , to believe that we are actually his children will keep us from enjoying her fathers love .  Condemnation is never a place to visit no matter what . 

So as I wiped my tears , I remembered the fathers love , I remembered that he is for me and not against me , I remembered that he is my father and I can talk to him about restoration, I remembered that nothing can separate me from his love and his love never fails . Therein lies the beginning of the walk unto restoration. 

Obioma Adetola chioma . 

Romans 8:1 .

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