Biography of Pastor Segun Obadje

Born on 31st January many years ago, Pastor Segun Obadje is the Senior Pastor of God’s Love Tabernacle International Church. He is called and anointed to preach and teach with all simplicity and clarity, the New Creation Realities in Christ Jesus, stressing emphatically the integrity of God’s word. He is a prolific teacher of God’s Word with an apostolic and prophetic cutting edge.

Full Biography of Pastor Segun Obadje

With over two decades of active ministry, Pastor Segun Obadje has dedicated his entire life to teaching and preaching New Creation Realities in Christ Jesus with all simplicity and clarity. Pastor Obadje is an Apostle by calling with an uncommon Teaching grace accompanied by a strong Prophetic cutting edge.

Pastor Segun’s ministry showcases the balance of the Word and the flows of the Spirit, evidently characterized by signs, wonders, and diverse miracles. He is the author of the daily devotional “The Leverage” and also the host of the daily video broadcast “Sphere of Grace”.

He is married to Pastor Funke a dynamic minister of God’s word; a prophetic gift to this generation and beyond, whose ministry is characterized by powerful expressions of revelation gifts and miraculous signs. She is a new testament Prophet with an impactful, life-changing message, especially to young men and women.
His wife, Pastor Funke Obadje has a great passion for education and she is an ardent lover of children. She founded Karis Chrest International School because she was convinced that this is a task God will have her do considering her passion for education.

She is a certified medical doctor, a graduate of Obafemi Awolowo University. she gives topmost priority to excellent and quality education and she believes in raising excellent children in a loving atmosphere by the grace of God. Pastor Funke Obadje pastors alongside her husband Pastor Segun Obadje (Ph.D) and are blessed with children.

Download Pastor Segun Obadje's Messages/Sermons

To Listen to Spirit filled Messages by Pastor Segun Obadje, kindly follow the links of message titles seen below with the original ministry website links for you to download to your device. We have collated these to ease your search stress (and will update this list subsequently). We also recommend that you visit Pastor Segun Obaje's Official Website, the Segun Obadje Teaching Ministry's Website or the God's Love Tabernacle ministry's official website to download other files you may not find here. This is due to our Media Policy on Content Uploads.

These Message Titles are arranged in Alphabetical order too to ease your search. Download, Listen, be Blessed and Share!


The Knowledge Of God

The Importance Of God's Word In Our Life

The Dynamics Of The Blessing (The Hearing Of Faith)

The Seed And The Earth

The Root Of Fruitfulness

The Hidden Secret Of The Miraculous

The Core Of The Ministry Of God's Word

The Importance Of Building Your Faith

The Place Of Revelation In The Life Of A Believer

Transformation 1

Transformation 2

Transformation By Revelation 

Understanding The Dynamics Of The Blessing

Understanding The Times And Seasons

Understanding The Times And Seasons 2

Walking In The Commanded Blessing

2020 GGC Day 1 | Session 1 - Pastor Segun Obadje

2020 GGC Day 3 | Session 1 -Pastor Segun Obadje




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