6 Types of Nigerian Christians You'd find on a Bus

6 Types of Nigerian Christians You'd find on a Bus

Whenever you set out in Nigeria and you are not going out in your own car or probably paying for an executive ride like, chances are that you will meet one of these Christians. It is also possible that at one point in time in your life, you have done one of these things while traveling along Nigerian roads. In today's Christian Metro and fun content, we are bringing you different types of Nigerian Christians you can find on a bus.


1. The Preaching/Praying Christian

Once you hear "Praise the Lord", you already know what time it is. The Preaching or Praying Christians in the bus are the sharers of the good news of Christ and whenever they decide to pray, it is "let us commit the journey into God's hands". If you don't cooperate, they can decide to turn the whole journey to a crusade session and you may have to beg them even after the bus has reached its destination.


2. The Low-Key Tongued Christian

These ones are Christians whose mouths are always moving. Sometimes, you'd think they are chewing junk. When you see their mouths in motion, don't try to find out if they are chanting incantations. They are actually in another realm and they only descend if the driver swerves suddenly. That's when you hear "Bloooood of Jesus" and know they were praying all along.

3. The Devotional/Book Christians

I address this category of Christians as "the First Class Candidates of the Kingdom of Heaven". Sometimes, you'd see them on glasses but every time, they are with one book or devotional. No, they didn't forget to study the devotional that morning - they just need to get busy by edifying themselves. If they are not using hard-copy, they have their phones as a backup. YouVersion Bible App to the rescue!

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4. The Extra-Kind Christians

From "Are you seated well?" to "God bless you my daughter", these are usually older Christians and they exude so much fruit of the spirit. They are the "Assistant Holyspirits" that cautions the driver and resets his brain when he begins to drive at an ungodly speed. That's when you hear things like "Excuse me Mr! We are going to heaven but not dying now please."


5. The Sleeping Christians

These ones ehn, once they enter the bus and pray, they rest in the bosom of the father. They were probably interns with the Prophet Jonah and have two or more degrees in sleeping. Most times, they sleep with so much convenience and sometimes snore. But what can you do? As far as watching and praying is, these guys left the group chat. When you confront them, their only defence is that they are following the footsteps of Jesus because He slept in the boat in Mark 4:38.


6. The Ear Piece Christians

From mummy Tope Alabi's "Moriyanu" to Uncle Dunsin Oyekan's "Those who will win", these ones are the "real deal" in every bus. Wait till they ascend to the spirit and reach the realm of the immortals and then you'd hear chants and sermons blasting through their earphones. If you are lucky to have a driver that loves listening to music or something loud while driving, he could ask them to connect their phones to the speaker. That's when you'd hear the vibe and start a praise revival service - especially when it's Aunty Sola Allyson.

For each of these categories of Christians, one thing is certain - you have a great travel experience when you look back and think about them. So, let us know. Which of these Christians best describes you when you're traveling?

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  1. For me, it's music all the way. ��

  2. 😂😂😂 Depending on the mood for the day. Most often number 5 though 😌
    Still praying for boldness to be number 1

  3. For me it is number 2 and 5
    Most especially 5.

  4. I can relate to this too


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