Newness: The Evidence of Christ in a Believer

Every day, we look at society and laugh at the lawlessness and evil that prevails. The old man of flesh has to give way for the generation of the new men. In Ephesians 4:24, Paul advises us to put on the new man after Christ's righteousness

God is searching for men after His heart. Men who will shake things for Him. Newness defines a person who has lost his will in total submission to God's will and someone who has been broken beyond the issues of self, with no second duty but GOD. God is looking for men to replace the missing man, the man who led his generation into captivity and this is where the new man comes in. 

Becoming a new man involves more than just dedication. It's a gradual process that involves a pure heart and a contrite spirit. This is heralded by giving your life to Christ and making Him Lord. Also, there is need to praying for an encounter with God, a visitation from the Holy Spirit for no man can live as a New Man without the Holy Ghost.

Next is to keep yourself pure. Abstain from the old TOTALLY

These three above are the crucial pillars in becoming a new man. By fulfilling these three, you become a new man. You then continue with good works that carve out a better society for us all.

In our society, we need to fill the position of the missing man by becoming New Men. We need to redeem our society from the captivity it has been entangled with. Make a resolve. God desires to make nations of men who are dedicated and after His heart. It is only a continuous prayer that our hearts be transformed till we become new men.

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