Does God Really Love Me?

Sometime ago, my younger sister scored far lesser than the required score for her course in the Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination (UTME). In Nigeria, this examination is a major requirement to gain admission into the university and seeing her in tears, I tried to console her. I recall that my mother sat just outside her room with the doors open while I spoke and one thing I mentioned was the fact that "the God who made you score 239 is not dead".

At that moment, she flared up and retorted, saying, "God is dead". That shocked me to my bones. I know many things are wrong and are not fine at this time but saying that God was dead was the height of it. I decided to let it go and have her cool off for a while.

You see, many things happen to us as individuals that make us doubt one another, family, friends and even ourselves. In most cases, it is even easier to doubt God because you do not see Him and cannot tell if He is listening to your cries. It is usually at this point of doubt that the question "Does God really love me?" or "Does God even exist" comes in.

Does God really love me?


John 3:16 is a popular scripture that tells us of how much God loves us by His acts of kindness, sending His only begotten son to die for our sins. 

There are two categories of people whom God loves. The first are sinners while the second are sons.

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