The Power of Abiding in Christ

According to scriptures in John 15, abiding in Christ means to live in total reliance on God by eating (meditating on the word), drinking (praying the word into your life, praying for others and praying in the Holy Ghost until you're drunk just as Ephesians 5:18 rightly puts it. Abiding in God also means constant and continuous communication with Him (hearing from God for each day and time).

When we abide in Christ, the fruit that is produced is the fruit of the Spirit which is all encompassed in Love. It can not be produced in the flesh. The leaves that spring from the tree are also the gifts of the Spirit. From the image created in verse two, it is possible to have leaves and bear no fruit. Also, we learn and understand that God has given every abiding believer, a destiny so big that it can never be attained without reliance on Him. By trying to live the Christian life without daily abiding (yesterday's food doesn't suffice for today's work) you risk God cutting you off because at that point, you begin to walk in a path of self-righteousness. 

John 15 also explains that sin begins when a believer stops abiding. For any individual, abiding in Christ is the only sure way to live above sin and any disconnection from Christ, being the source will lead to sin. 

Abiding in Christ - The New Man

Everyone has a specific demand of Grace and a besetting sin. The demand of Grace makes you drunk in the Spirit and makes abiding easier. The besetting sin makes you fall for temptation easily. The only way to subdue besetting sin is to abide not fight the besetting sin. It doesn't mean if you stop abiding today you're free, its drunkenness that makes you free and it may take a while, keep trusting keep abiding DAILY.

Pruning will come through life's challenges to test your fruitfulness. The key to surviving pruning is TOTAL reliance on God.

Saving of Souls comes as a by-product of the Fruit of the Spirit. Focus on abiding and you will produce fruit and the fruit of love will give you a heart towards the lost to play YOUR role in bringing them to Christ.

As believers, we must beware of whatsoever content and messages that will lead to self-reliance and not God reliance.

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