5 Ways to Honour God with Your Substance

honour God with your substance

Proverbs 3:9-10 is the popular scripture that tells us about honouring God with your wealth as a believer, but there is much more to this. First, is the fact that wealth does not necessarily have to be of financial or material value - although, financial value sums up too. In Genesis, Adam's sons - Cain and Abel grew to be great men. One was a livestock farmer while the other was a crop farmer

All that we have were given to us by God. 

1. Honour God with Your Time

Every day, we have twenty four (24) hours to ourselves and how we use this time matters to God and ourselves.

2. Honour God with Your Service

Service to God comes in many ways 

3. Honour God with Your Love

It's a beautiful thing to reciprocate God's love.

4. Honour God with Your Gifts

God values your gifts and talents especially when you use them in amazingly creative ways to honour Him.

5. Honour God with Your Money

Placing money as the final item in this article is intentional. This is because the presence or absence of money is really not an option in honouring God. Like I mentioned earlier in the beginning of this article

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