The New Man Media Resources

Get Rich Godly and Spiritual Resources to grow your Christian Life

The New Man Media Resources

At the New Man Movement, we are building a library of free and premium resources cutting across Audio, Videos, PDFs, Paperbacks and general media content. We believe that this is necessary to help you grow in your Christian journey. We understand how essential it is for you to have these resources and that's why we have you covered.


You can access any of our Resources below:

While using our resources, please do well to acknowledge source and share. As we have rightly described here, we have this believe that the Gospel will not reach the ends of the earth if you don't share - and yes, digital media has made this easy with the share button. God bless you as you use these resources and share.


Finally, we hope to read your testimony of how our resources have helped you grow into a better being. We want to read of your testimonies of healing, growth, peace and progress in your walk with God. Please, kindly shoot us an email our contact page here.


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This New Man Media Resources Page was last updated on Friday, August 11th, 2021