Why You Need a Bible Reading Guide

Reading, studying and proper meditation on the word of God requires so much, especially because a believer must be deliberate and consistent about it. As explained in our article titled The Potency of God's word, the understanding, power and everything else that comes with reading God's word can best be harnessed by the level of diligence that is put into the study and hearing of God's word.
One good way to be consistent about the study of God's word is to engage the use of a Bible Reading Guide. Although many Christians have their reservations about the use of Bible reading guides, it definitely helps a believer to grow properly if used in the right way. 

Why You Need A Bible Reading Guide

The Bible contains sixty-six books and reading the Bible in one year should not be a hectic task for a true believer. Yearly, people randomly read as much as 100 books which are unrelated to their spiritual life. As such, reading through sixty six books of the Bible should not be a problem for a believer.

To help you read the Bible with ease in he new year, we have covered you by selecting portions of scripture - chapter by chapter and verse by verse. You can download the New Man Bible Reading Guide for free here or access it on our Selar store here

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