10 Perfect Blogging Tips for Christian Bloggers

There are many resources on the internet for bloggers. However, this is not just another blog post repeating what you have read somewhere already. It is specifically tailored for Christian Bloggers or individuals who have intention to start a Christian Blog.

Every Christian blogger must understand that:
  1. You are blogging by the grace of God.
  2. The Perfect Resource for the Christian Blogger is the word of God.
  3. Your blog should not only allow you to be you but also glorifies God to the fullest

It is usually said that about 60% of bloggers fail in their first year. In most cases, they actually sell out the blog or forget about it. In the real sense, this happens if the blogger does not know what to do right before and after launching the blog. As a Christian blogger, you may read all you can about the best Blog Monetisation channels for a Christian blogger, building an audience or diving website traffic, benefits of networking or even the importance of Branding, but then the real work is in implementation.


Blog Responsibly

When we started this blog in 2016 it was supposed to be an organisation's blog. However, there are many reasons why you might want to become a faith blogger. You may want to teach men and women theological principles, or want to provide people with devotionals and prayers  to strengthen their faith. Or you probably want to share your unique walk with Christ and inspire others in the process. It does not matter too much which route you take as long as you ask God for guidance.

As a Christian blogger you have to be mindful of way more things than a regular blogger. You are representing God's Kingdom. Namely integrity, theology, and humility. When you blog, it should be guided by the motive to tell people about Christ and his love for them. That is the basis of responsibility in Christian Blogging.

Do not use Free Hosting for your Christian Blog

I know that you might have started your Christian blog for free, using WordPress, Blogger, Medium  or any other blogging platform. It is a great idea but then there are constraints on the offer. When you use a free blog, your blog cannot have your own domain name. Instead of yourblog.com, the URL looks something like this yourblog.wordpress.com. It does not make you look like a serious Christian blogger. In addition, you cannot fully monetize your blog. The ads are run by WordPress and not by you. You are not in control of what is promoted and can’t decide where they are placed. Furthermore, you cannot use third-party ad networks like Mediavine, Adsense or AdThrive.

Another thing about using a free blog is that you do not own your blog. It works like your Facebook profile. You have a login code and password, but at any given time the provider could remove your website from the world wide web. While I understand when people with a personal blog choose that option, you definitely do not want to use a free blog host if you intend to monetize your blog. If you want to have a successful Christian blog, then you want to use a self-hosted blog. All you need for that is to choose a hosting provider, decide on a domain name and install WordPress. 

Using a self-hosted platform for your Christian blog gives you full control and ownership of your blog. You get to design and brand your online appearance as you like and can expand the capabilities whenever needed. A self-hosted platform will require an initial investment of time and money. Such as finding a third-party host, paying for themes, plugins and security and of course implementing and maintaining the site. This is not really expensive if you choose the right blogging platform. There are multiple hosting platforms that new bloggers can choose from such as Namecheap, Qservers, Bluehost, GoDaddy, HostGator and many more. At The New Man, we use and Whogohost, a web hosting company in Nigeria. These web hosts promise different result. Whogohost has a beginner-friendly pricing plan

We recommend Whogohost, because it offers a 2-year plan for only $3 per month and offers you a free domain name, which will save you even more money.

If you can start your Christian blog without free hosting, please do. If you can't, wait a while or start and work towards upgrading soon.

Always Add Value

To be a Christian blogger, you don’t actually have to exclusively blog about Christianity, unless you want to start a devotional blog. This is because each of our lives are our ministry and in the same way, your blog can be your ministry but be about something else than ministry.

For example, if God has blessed you with an eye for aesthetics you could have a home décor blog. If you were blessed with great cooking skills, you could have a food blog. If you are blessed with great fashion-sense you could have a faith and lifestyle blog, and so on. Each of these blogs would talk about something else than ministry but elements of your décor, food, or fashion would let people know that you are a Christian.

The number one way to create great content is to present solutions to existing problems. Do not create a blog where you only talk about yourself and your experiences, without identifying or solving anybody else’s problems. Especially, as a Christian blogger, you want to make sure that you don’t just write about yourself, but share your experiences as a practical solution to other people’s problems. When you are able to share practical and useful content with your readers, only then will they be interested in what you have to say. That’s how you create a successful Christian blog. But before you are able to create valuable content you need to decide on your blogging niche.


Check your Motives

God is very serious with the motive of a man.


How to find a blogging niche

Picking a niche is a hard part for many new bloggers. Although there are many “blogging for beginners” tutorials out there, people tend to get stuck. In reality, it’s not that complicated as long as you ask yourself the right questions. What gifts and talents has God blessed you with? To make it more clear. What are things you are good at and passionate about? When it comes to creating your Christian blog, no matter if you blog about Christianity or not, you should choose a niche based on the following 3 things. 

  • Can I use my God-given gifts and talents?
  • Am I passionate about the niche/ topic?
  • Will it provide an opportunity for people to learn about Christ?

Will it provide an opportunity for people to learn about Christ?Will it provide an opportunity for people to learn about Christ?


Do not Blog for Money

Don’t make the mistake to start a Christian blog with the sole intent to make money. It may work, but not in the best way. Monetization itself is not easy. It doesn't happen overnight. That is one reason why there are many monetization options but then it still takes time building up revenue. For example, Mediavine is an advertising network, that bloggers can join once their traffic hits 25,000 sessions within a 30 day period. The reality now is that to hit 25,000 sessions in a month, you need to have at least 850 sessions per day. That means 850 different people need to visit your blog in one day. That is a number!

One blog post can change your blogging life, go viral and make you hit as much as 1000 to 2000 sessions daily. When that happens, it is advised that you immediately start piggybacking the post and writing a few more posts that are related to the topic that went viral.

Invest in Your Blog

You must invest in blogging material by buying e-books, courses and other related materials to learn about how to make money blogging because no matter how good of a writer you are, figuring out how to write a Christian blog, is not easy. There are techniques and principles you need to understand in order to craft practical and informative content.


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