Biography of Minister Deborah Enewa Hawthorns Uloko (Nee Paul Enenche)


Minister Deborah Elizabeth Enewa Hawthorns Uloko (Nee Paul-Enenche) was born on 28 of March 1995. Popularly known as DeBee, Deborah Paul-Enenche is a gospel minister and music artist from Nigeria. She is also a creative Director at ‎Dunamis International Gospel Centre and the first of four children (Deborah, Daniella, Destiny and Paul-Daniel) of Pastor Dr. Paul Idoko Eneche, founder and senior Pastor of Dunamis Church.
Deborah Enenche's full Biography

Deborah Paul Enenche is a graduate of Law from Northumbria University, a programme she held between 2012 till 2017. She also graduated from the Nigerian Law School, Federal Capital Territory Abuja Campus. She was called to Bar in the year 2019.

Deborah, Daniella, Destiny and Paul-Daniel Enenche
Deborah Enenche and Siblings

Deborah Paul Enenche is also popularly known for her weight loss story.

Deborah Enenche weight loss

Deborah Enenche is a member of the MARS Society Afro-Carribean Society Christian Union. She also holds a July 2011 award of the best in Fine Arts and Most Dedicated at the British Nigerian Academy. She won a July 2011 scholarship at the Northumbria University.

Deborah Paul Enenche has performed alongside several gospel music ministers from across the globe, including renowned American worship leader, Pastor William McDowell at the 2020 Nation’s Worship, Abuja.

Organised by Dunamis International Christian Centre, the yearly event, with the theme has featured other music ministers such, Nathaniel Bassey, Sinach, Chioma Jesus, Deborah Paul-Enenche, Dunsin Oyekan, Prospa Ochimana, Emma Sings, Daniel Eriko, Owie Abutu as well as Shola Daramola and the Dunamis Voice. She has also ministered on platforms like the Young Ministers' Retreat (YMR 2021) organised by Pastor Dr. Daniel Olawande.

A passionate, young gospel song minister, Deborah Paul Enenche is taking the gospel to the unsaved and bringing them to the fold with her pure streams of music from God's throne. 

Minister Deborah is happily married to her heartthrob, Sam Hawthorn

Songs and Musical Releases by Minister Deborah Paul Enenche

Deborah Paul Enenche's musical releases include:

Minister Deborah is active on social media. You can connect with her via her official handles on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok and X.


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  1. I just watchers the video of pastor Paul enenche and his family today for the first time and i love it. Nice to see them glorify God together. I receive the same grace in Jesus mighty name

  2. Oh Debbie The Lord has blessed you indeed! I wish you a blissful married life! Oh Lord help my ordained husband to find me!

  3. Happy married life dear.

  4. Happy married life Dear


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