You and The Love of God

The Bible tells us in 1John 4:18 that there is no fear in love because perfect love casts out fear.


When Jesus was walking to the cross, it pleased the Jews and it pleased God. Where the people felt justified in his crucifixion, God saw His purpose for Jesus' birth. God's love for His son was to the end that he died and that through his death, more sons be birthed into the kingdom. As God saw his will over Christ's life come to pass, it made him happy. God's love for Jesus was wrapped in persecutions and buried in death but on that resurrection morning, His love for him was evident.


Jesus was confident in the love of his Father, he was certain of it and on that cross, as he fulfilled purpose, God's love washed over him. Jesus trusted in God's love. In the same way, sometimes you cannot see the love of God because it is clothed in trials and hidden in many unpleasant situations. You struggle to believe in His love because it is not apparent. It is lost in the lies the devil has dropped around you and as a result, even though you claim to love Him, you doubt His love. You don't see Him in that tragic loss your family suffered, you can't comprehend why that disappointment befell you and even more, you don't understand why you have to wait so long for that age long prayer. You doubt because you are yet to trust in His Love.


In John 4:10, the Bible tells us that true love is not that we love God but that He loved us. The matter of love started first with God. What's more? In verse 19, scripture clearly tells us we can talk about loving God now because He first loved Us. So, it was God that had his eyes on us before we even thought of Him. 


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Love starts and ends with God. Trusting in God's love brings us to a place of rest and zero worries. If He had His eyes on us before we became His, imagine now that you belong to Him. So, as you go through that unpleasant situation which seems like the odds are against you and as you have to wait in the place of prayer while everything around screams doubt at you, kindly look away from yourself and look to the word, because God's word is truth.  If God's word says He loves you, believe it and trust in it. Regardless. Trust God's love because God's love is perfect and His perfect love casts out fear.

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