6 Attributes of Good Biblical Parenting

Parenting is a very tough and demanding task. It takes time, discipline and patience to raise up a child. Proverb 22;6 says, "Train up a child in a way he should grow, that when he is old he will never depart from it". As a godly parent it is Paramount to train your child or children in the fear of God. The foundation of every successful person out there, starts from their homes. Good parenting is effective, not just with values derived from seminar or books . Good parenting is more effective and linked to a godly lifestyle on the part of the parent.

Right from a very tender age, children tend to watch their parent lifestyle, they learn from from what they see and we all know how fast and curious they can be. Hence, it is very important that the basis of true parenting starts or begins with the GODLY lifestyle of the parent. We say Good parenting ; Godly lifestyle. You ask, how can I train my child/ children in the fear of God?, How can I be a good parent? How do I raise godly children? How can I be role model to my kids?

Here are the traits of a good parent with a godly lifestyle and I will try my possible best to outline them.

1. Teach the Love of God

Every good and godly parent needs the love of God to love yourself and your kids. The love of God helps parents to overcome the natural selfishness they seem to have - because all humans tend to be selfish. The love of God in a man is revealed in the way we communicate and relate with people. In the same way,the love a parent has for a child will be very obvious in the way the parent communicates and relate with their child/children. . At the same time loving a child doesn't also mean spoiling a child.

Spoiling a child or over pampering a child  doesn't necessarily  exhibit positive parental care, it only paves way to over - indulgence, extravagance, laziness, disrespect amongst other vices in the life and character of the child. Children learn the love of God, see them through the love of their parent through the sacrificial, positive and godly commitment parent make to them and teach them to make( read this sentence again). The issue of godly love for a child is an effective way of training a child cannot be over - emphasized.

2. Respect Your Children

In Philippians 2:3, Apostle Paul admonishes us to think like Christ, treating others as more important than ourselves. Respect as a virtue helps in recognising the very best in people. It is key to note that not only adults need respect but children and teenagers also needs respect. Godly parents can show respect to their kids in so many ways. The views and opinions of children and young minds should be respected. When there is need for correction, they should be corrected in Love. The use of cruel and unpleasant words should be avoided. Unnecessary comparison should be avoided. All kids must be treated fairly and equally.

3. Engage Good Language

A godly parent must be careful of their choice of words around children. No matter the degree of the offence let's still try as much to encourage them while correcting them. When you use abusive words on your child/ children, those words used will be recorded in their memory and once any issue transpires with their sibling they will use that same word you use of them on their siblings. Kids have a really sharp and retentive memory, so we must be careful with our choice of words.

4. Spend Quality Time with Your Children

Intentionally ensure that you don’t represent your presence with presents. As parents, you must not be career/work concentrated that you will have little or no time for our kids that you begin to bribe them with gifts and presents. When you have spare time with them. It's totally wrong you are indirect breaking the bond that is existing between your kids and yourself. Create a good time for you children.

5. Build Proper Communication Skills

As parents, you must develop a good communication skill with your kids that when sorting out problems, you get them involved. Talk to them always, speak to them kindly and correct them with kind words. Good communication helps you become best friends with your children and that way, they will have access and freedom to tell you everything and anything. Once you build that communication confidence in them, children will trust you with any information.

6. Let down your Guards

As parents, you don’t always need to be high handed. Sometimes it is important that you show vulnerability around your children and let them know that you’re not some super power somewhere.


The devil is hitting his target on families and many believers are allowing him to have his way. You can make a decision today to be intentional about godly parenting and you will see the results you desire.

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