5 Ways to Enforce God's Kingdom on Earth

As a believer, you must understand that you are not a failure who is trying to succeed. You are already a success who simply needs to take conscious steps to work out the success that is already in you. Ecclesiastes 9:10, Romans 12:11, Psalm 16:3. Success and excellence is an essential part of our lifestyles as believers and true witnesses of Christ. God is seeking to raise an army of intellectuals and He will do that covering every form of intelligence.

In Genesis 1:1, God created the heavens and the earth. We also read in Psalm 24 that the earth is the Lord’s and it’s fullness therof, the world and all that dwell in it. This literally means that the earth is older and bigger than the world. The earth and the world are two different things and the world is only a subset of God’s earth. The devil is called the Prince of this world for this reason. Thus, we see that the administration of the heavens and the earth are two different things and since God created all things, He has put total dominion (even in academics) into the hands of the believer.
Revelations 11:15

Proverbs 10:9

Psalm 115:16
John 12:28-52
Mark 16:15
Romans 10:8-9
We are on earth as ambassadors of a foreign kingdom (God’s kingdom). As such, every assault against you is an assault against the kingdom you represent. And as a general rule for operations beyond realms, you have to gain competency in the principles that govern this kingdom (of the world) before you can apply the principles of thekingdom you represent (God’s kingdom)
That said, there are three strategies to enforce Gpd’s kigdom on earth.

1. The Strategy of Supernatural Wisdom

Daniel had this exceptional wisdom from God to direct and guide his dealings. HE was a simple yet calculative man because of the godly wisdom he acquired from God.

2. The Strategy of Supernatural Wonders

Psalm 66:3
Every believer has access to operate through God's strategy of supernatural wonders

3. The Strategy of Supernatural Wealth

Abraham is a very good example for this. God wants to work His will on earth through the kingdom ambassadors present, but the position of supernatural wealth cannot be overridden. In our article on lessons from the life of Abraham, we
Another general rule for competency in this world is a four-fold activity formula

1. Have a working relationship with God

4. The Strategy of Excellence

Mediocrity is not a quality or attribute of God's kingdom. At the point of creation in Genesis 1, after God had worked for each day, He looked at the works of His hand and each time, He saw that it was good 2. Develop competency in areas outside your course

3. Cultivate an attitude that will make you successful

5. The Strategy of Relationships

Build relationships and networks that will promote you. There are three types of relationships you must build. You must connect with
i. people above you
ii. people you’re growing together and

iii. people below you

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