The New Man Weekly Bible Quiz

Reading the Bible becomes very interesting for a believer as long as you allow the Holy Spirit to properly interpret the scriptures you have read in your heart. It is the same thing for Christian articles and resources which you may find online or offline. The Holy Spirit is a beautiful, kind-hearted, intelligent and patient teacher, so He explains Gd's word to us in so much simplicity. That way, we can understand like babies. 
Another good way to help believers understand scriptures is through Bible quizzes. While the Holy Spirit does the greater part of the job, little fun activities around us like quiz sessions can help our understanding of the Bible. This is why we are happy to announce the launch of our New Man Weekly Bible Quiz.
The New Man Weekly Bible Quiz

The New Man Weekly Bible Quiz is an interactive session where our website, blog and social media readers learn much more about God, Bible Characters and general Christian principles to help our spiritual live and Christian journey. This Bible quiz session will also include exciting gift packages for our readers who answer correctly every week in the New Man Weekly Bible Quiz Series

Before launching this, we have prayed and considered the thoughts and criticisms that may come alongside this. While we may not be able to answer all your questions as to why we are starting this weekly Bible quiz, we are sure that God has led us to start this and by God's grace, we shall consistently uphold it. However, one thing we would like our readers to take note is the fact that this quiz is not intended to bring some form of unhealthy competition.  With the help of God and as much as possible, we will try to make sure such doesn't spring up. The New Man Weekly Bible quiz is solely educational and instrumental to our spiritual growth and it is not intended to cause any division in the body of Christ. Also, the prizes we hope to give each week are solely with a heart to appreciate your diligence in study of the scriptures and your dedication to reading and sharing our articles at the New Man Movement.
To this end, kindly see below the instructions that would guide the New Man Weekly Bible Quiz sessions upon our launch.

New Man Weekly Bible Quiz Instructions

The instructions guiding the New Man Weekly Bible Quiz include:

  • Be honest with your answers: You see, we really appreciate if you are as honest as possible with your answers. Kindly give your answers based on what you know and not what you searched out on Google🙄 or by scanning through your Bibles. By doing that, you are being honest with God and yourself. You are also representing Christ and we can confirm that God will be proud of you!😍
  • Kindly send your answers on the Quiz Page: Every weekly Bible quiz questions will be uploaded on a separate page from the previous week. Participants are enjoined to post their answers as comments to the post on our website ( Please note that any answers submitted through any other method apart from the website will NOT count.
  • Check for weekly Instructions: Every week, the New Man Bible Quiz instructions may change. Always endeavour to check for specific instructions every week. If none, you are free to follow existing instructions.
  • Always Include your Name, Email and Phone Number: in your comments: There are two options while you are making your comments and it is advised that you use a Gmail Account (you can open one here) or input your full name and URL. We need your full name, phone number and email so that we can contact you if you win. Please note that if you comment as ANONYMOUS or UNKNOWN, you will NOT be considered.
  • All Answers MUST come in before 3pm every Sunday.
  • Always share the links to the Bible Quiz: Although, this does not count in anyway, it is one way you can encourage us if you truly appreciate the work we do. By sharing our links, you can lead someone to Christ, improve someone's spiritual life through our articles, or even help someone win a Bible Quiz session😉
Finally, if you want to receive instant notifications when we upload the New Man Weekly Bible Quiz, you can join our official Whatsapp groups by clicking here or here. You are also advised to constantly check our website by 12:00am (GMT +1:00) every Friday for the Bible Quiz Questions just in case there is any delay in delivery to our Whatsapp and Telegram Channels
All Quiz Winners will only be selected if you follow ALL instructions as stipulated in the quiz. Please do well to read every quiz question properly. We wish you all the very best!


If  you want to sponsor prizes for the New Man Weekly Bible Quiz, here are weekly prizes for winners in our quiz sessions. These prizes are a form of encouragement and appreciation. If you would like to sponsor a prize, kindly leave us a message on Whatsapp here. You can sponsor weekly quiz sessions with any of the following:

1. Cash prizes
2. Christian books
3. Bible Study and Prayer Guides
4. Bible Games, Prayer and Study Journals
5. Airtime and Data Subscription
6. Gift Cards and Products from the Christian Store and much more.

God bless you.

To ensure that you win, we usually advise that you take a look at previous editions of our writing Contest. Like past questions for an examination, some winners have consecutively won different weeks by going through previous editions and you can do the same too. You can see past editions of the New Man Online Weekly Bible Quiz in the list below:
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