New Man Weekly Bible Quiz 2

New Man Weekly Bible Quiz 2

Welcome to this second week's edition of our New Man Online Bible Quiz. Kindly read all instructions here and answer the questions in the comment section below. You can also see past editions of the New Man Online Weekly Bible Quiz here


Prizes will be given to the first participant who successfully answers the highest number of questions. To submit your answers, simply type them out in the comment section below. Kindly read all other instructions here.


Quiz Questions

  1. Who was the wife of King Saul?
  2. In our article titled Lessons from the life of King Saul, mention four major lessons highlighted in the article.
  3. Where did King Saul die?
  4. How many sons did King Saul birth?
  5. Who was the last man remaining in Saul's family? (Describe him in full details)
  6. What exceptional physical quality was considered in Saul for kingship?
  7. Mention four extra lessons you can deduce from the life of Saul (with proper Biblical references) excluding the lessons in our article above. 
  8. Why did David get married to Saul's daughter?



Please note that this page shall be closed for answers by 3:00pm on Sunday, 2nd January, 2022. All the best!



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  1. 1. Ahinoam
    2. 1, Saul was discrete 2, Saul was responsible 3, Saul understood honour 4, Saul fought opposition with wisdom
    3. mount Gilboa
    4. four sons
    5. Mephibosheth: he is lamed in his feet when he was 5years
    6. he was taller than any of the people from his shoulder upward
    7. 1, Saul has much concern for his family 1Samuel 20:31
    2, Saul has a contrite heart 1Samuel 26:21
    3, Saul even at point of death despise to be mocked 1Samuel 31:4
    4, Saul inquired of The Lord when he is afraid 1samuel 28:5-6
    7. Because she loved Him and David completed the task her father asked Him

  2. 1. Ahinoam
    2. (I) Saul was responsible.
    (II) Saul understood honour.
    (III) Saul was discrete.
    (IV) Saul pleased people instead of God.
    3. Mount Gilboa
    4. 4 sons
    5. Mephibosheth—Jonathan's son, lame on his feet.
    6. Saul was handsome and very tall.
    7. (I) Saul was not fully focused on the instruction given to him (1Sam.15:3,9)
    (II) Saul was not able to exercise total obedience to instructions just because if prevailing situation (1Sam. 10:8; 13:8-9)
    (III) Saul suffered a great consequence upon his disobedience to instructions (1Sam.16:14)
    (IV) Saul was jealous of David's successes (1Sam.18:6-9)
    8. David married Saul's daughter as he saw it as a privilege to be the king's in-law and also because of the love Saul's daughter had for him.

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    Your answers to this week's quiz are absolutely correct and you duly followed instructions.

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    Kindly take note of this in subsequent quizzes. Thank you