Be Ye Followers of God: Gospel Today Devotional - 17th October, 2022

In our society today, people look at a child and most times they say the child looks like his father. This is because the child may be known to possess certain traits that show to people that he or she is a child to some man.

Be Ye Followers of God: Gospel Today Devotional - 17th October, 2022

Also, when a child  is addressed by a particular surname, it is expected that there are certain traits and qualities that he must possess that reveals to people that of a truth he is a part of that family, and that he is truly a child in that family.

How does the child get to learn the ways of his father? He does that by following the father. That is, looking closely at the behavior of his father, staying to know what traits he possesses, how he does things; imitate the way he acts, talks, walks, laughs, etc. In the process of time, you get to see that the child begins to exhibit the same traits as his father such that when people see him or her, they say, "You talk just like your father. You dress, act and laugh just like your father". 

You see, that's the way it is with the believer. The believer is to carry a signature of God as his Father on him at all times. The apostle Paul in his letter to the Ephesians made this clear to us. Look at what he said in this verse of Scripture,

Be ye therefore followers of God, as dear children. ( Ephesians 5:1)

Seeing that people will always look at the believer to determine whose child he is, and whether or not God truly is the one who begot him as he claims, the apostle Paul encouraged that the believer be a follower of his Father.

Be ye therefore ( now see to it that you become, I urge you to become) followers( one who looks closely at, one who lives the same way as, one who possesses the same trait as, one who carries the signature of) God( your Father, the one who begot you of his own will) as dear children ( as one who is begotten of him, and just the way it is expected of children to show forth the same traits with their fathers).

What an admonition to believers; to act, live, relate, treat, etc like God our Father, and as his dear children, that when other people see us, they get to see the signature of the Father(God), and that our lives show to people that we have been begotten of him indeed. May the Lord help us to follow( act, live, relate with others, etc) like him indeed.

Thought for the day: Just as Children show traits that make people identify them with their fathers, you are also to show traits that make people identify you as a child of God, and him as your Father.

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