Prayer Retreat Locations: A Review of Mount Carmel Praver Village, Ifewara

Mount Carmel Prayer Village, Ifewara

The Mount Carmel prayer Village, Ifewara is owned and manage by Pastor Enoch Adejare Adeboye of the Redeemed Christian Church of God. It is a retreat and prayer centre for believers who are seeking the face of God or simply want to spend a beautiful time in the presence of God, alone from the noise in the world.

Prayer Retreat Locations: A Review of Mount Carmel Praver Village, Ifewara

How to Get to Mount Carmel Prayer Village, Ifewara

How to Get to Mount Carmel Prayer Village, Ifewara

The Mount Carmel Prayer Village is located at 15, Oke Eso, along Ife Road, in Ifewara, Osun State Nigeria. Ifewara is about 35 minutes away from the Lagere/Mayfair, the major part of Ile-Ife. This means that if you want to visit for a retreat, you have to get to Osun State from wherever you are. If you can get a straight vehicle from the bus park in your location to Ifewara, it is just fine. However, if you cannot, just take a vehicle (or two if you have to break your journey) going to Ile-Ife. When you get to Ile-Ife, you should take a bus going to Lagere (if Lagere is not your last bus stop already). A bike will be a better alternative, but it will definitely cost you more. When you mention Lagere, You should mention that you would like to drop at Post office bus stop. There is a Stanbic Ibtc Bank branch, past an FCMB Bank branch, a police stand in the middle of the road and a bike stand (so you can be sure you are at the right place). When you alight, you can then ask the motorcyclists at the stand to direct you to bus stand loading for Ifewara. If you take the bus, it's about #400 per person from there. However, the bus would not take you to the prayer village directly. The bus would drop you at a point where you have to take a bike (#100-#200) to the prayer village exactly. Alternatively, you can take a bike from Lagere straight down to Ifewara (#600) and they'd drop you right in front of the prayer village. 

Halls and Accommodation

Rooms in Mount Carmel Prayer Village, Ifewara

There are many service halls and accommodation options at the prayer village. All rooms are priced per night while all halls are priced per day. As a bonus, you get free prayer huts when you book for accommodation. All checkout time for the rooms is 12:00noon. You can find the rooms and the halls in italics below. They include:

  • Deluxe Suites (2 Bedroom)    - #18,000
  • Flats (2 Bedroom)                  - #12,500
  • Chalet (Room and Parlour)    - #8,500
  • Single Room (En Suite)         - #6,300
  • Dormitory (per bed space)     - #2,500
  • Mini Hall                                      - #40,000
  • Conference Halls                          - #60,000
  • Banquet Hall                                - #80,000
  • Prayer Hall                                 - #100,000
  • Sanctuary                                    - #300,000
  • Prayer Hut (only day time)       - #1,000


At Mount Carmel Prayer Village, there is a restaurant in the premises where you can eat for as low as #1,000 per meal. One thing you should note is that the restaurant's management does not prepare ready made meals so you always have to make an order per time. They also close by 7pm daily. Asides this, you can buy fruits, snacks and other related, non-perishable food items and provision before coming into the prayer village. Meanwhile, the chalets have kitchens but they are locked and no one is allowed to cook in them.

Power Supply

Mount Carmel Prayer Village Reception hall

During our visit to Mount Carmel Prayer Village, we were specifically told that there is constant electric power supply and that in the case of power outage, there is an immediate change over to alternate power supply.

Security in Mount Carmel Prayer Village

Security in Mount Carmel Prayer Village Ifewara
The security situation at the Mount Carmel Prayer Village is top notch. Although, the solitude of the area makes you wonder at times. There are no unnecessary bushes around and it is located with mountains around. It is situated in a properly fenced compound and the halls and accommodation areas are not far from each other. However, individuals should take extra security conscious measures in keeping gadgets and valuables safe.

Other services at the Mount Carmel Prayer village includes a bookshop, laundry and car hire services. There is also a filling station opposite the prayer village because of it's location which is quite far from the major town. Pastors are also available for counselling and prayer.

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