Biography of Pastor Victoria Orenze

Born on 23rd March, Minister Victoria Orenze is an anointed gospel music minister and artiste with a special touch from God to liberate souls through the instrument of sounds and deep worship.
Full Biography of Minister Victoria Orenze

Minister Victoria Orenze was married many years ago (about 14 years at the time of compiling this article). According to her, she tried to make it work but it couldn't. In her words, she says "regardless of my experience in marriage and how it went, think have my experience so I'll advise you to listen to what the spirit has to say, because I am a bible Believing Christian and I believe in the word of the Lord.

I was ready to make it work regardless of what it was. I was ready to stay But it takes two to work. Scripture says two cannot walk together except they agree. So even when the other party left, I did everything. Prayed, waited just so it will work but it did not.
Pastor Victoria Orenze is active on Social media. You can follow her via her official social media handles on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, X and Youtube. 

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  1. i love this lady so much

  2. It will take a man that has a sincere heart and deep understanding of the mantle of God upon your life to understand you and stay married to you. I am even happy that the marriage did not work eventually because it could deny the body of Christ the gift that God has endowed you with. I am amazed at the deep worship that comes from your spirit. You have a deeper work with the Holy Spirit. I AM HAPPY FOR YOU AND THE MINISTRY.


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