Christian Story: The Man in the Pit


There is a popular story of a man who fell into a pit and began to cry for help. He needed someone passing by to help him. The first person who came by was Sympathy. Like his name, he was very sympathetic but said: "I am so sorry about your plight. What a pity! Good bye" and he left.

Other person came by. This was Logic. Looking at the pit, he made a terse statement saying, "It is logical that somebody must fall into a pit. The pit was made for someone to fall into. As such, you are only a victim of a pit that was meant to make someone fall'. This was all he said and then, he left.

Not too long, Condemnation walked past. He looked at the man in the pit and laughed sinisterly. Then he said, "It takes a bad person like you to fall into a pit; you are only suffering the consequences of your misdeeds. You cannot be forgiven. You will reap your rewards greatly because in life, you can either be commended or condemned; you have chosen condemnation". After saying this, Condemnation left.

The man in the pit was sad and dejected. However, he still had hope that he would get out. With his strength, he kept calling out for help when Mathematics crossed his way. When she arrived, she looked at the man in the pit and observed the environment with care. Then she walked round, measuring the circumference and radius of the pit. She said nothing and then, left.

Few moments later, a Journalist came to the scene. To him, the incident was news worthy and so he approached the pit asking, "Hello, we are trying to run an exclusive story on how you fell into this pit". The man in the pit graciously explained to him, still hopeful that help would come from someone who would see the coverage. After this, the journalist left.

Judgement came to the scene. He was passing by to give his verdict rounds for the day. Looking at the man in the pit, he said out loud: "The pit is the only place suitable for sinners like you". Then, he left the man there.

In another few minutes, Self Pity came passing by. When she saw the man in the pit, she said: "Are you feeling bad because you are in the pit? I'm not in there, but my condition is far worse than yours. I feel pity for myself". Crying, she left him in there.

Again, Charisma passed by. On seeing the man in the pit, he asked him to begin to confess that you are already out of the pit. The man kept shouting and shouting, but he remained there. Charisma saw the futile effort and quietly left the scene.

Holiness was walking by. A gentle looking sister, she saw the man in the pit, shook her head and said: "You are in the pit because you are not holy. Repent if you want to come out". Then she walked away, swaying her long covering skirt behind her.

The man remained in the pit for longer until Hope came up the scene. When Hope got there, she looked at him with so much compassion and said "Don't worry. There's still hope that you will get out of the pit: after all, you still see people passing by. Keep hoping that help will come." Then, she left.

Faith came much later. He looked at the man in the pit and bluntly told him that he was in the pit for lack of faith. He turned immediately and left.

Sister Prophetess came after Brother Faith. Then she said aloud: "Thus saith the Lord, things are going to get worse inside this pit. You will never come out"

After sister prophetess left the scene, brother Prayer warrior came around. He prayed with a fervent faith and after aggressive prayer, the man in the pit received divine strength and jumped out of the pit.

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