The Power of Faith over Fear

It is a good thing to know that you can always achieve what you ever, have planned to achieve. Faith does not work more than that-making you believe that you can always conquer things that comes your way. Faith draws and attracts what you want into your life, whereas doubts, and disbelief push them away.. When there is a very much high volume of faith, you will be able to move mountains.

According to God's word in Matthew 17:20, if you believe in your heart and have the faith, you can order any mountain to be moved. Now, when you give the orders with the absence of doubt and fear, the mountain will be moved and nothing will be impossible for you. 


with faith there is nothing you can't do. think of it, nothing i can't do. (good things and also Godly things).

you can imagine, a man like Thomas Edison, the inventor of the bulb, if i am not mistaken, did this 99 times, but after the 100th time, he got what he was looking for. when he was ask why he kept on doing his work till the 100th time, he said that "he has gotten the way you are not supposed to invent a fluorescent bulb"... That is not the issue, the issue is that he believe and had faith in himself that whatever he set his hands upon he will succeed at it...

How Can You Receive Faith?  

Faith, can be gotten through the following ways:

  • By hearing the word of God (Romans 10:17)
  • By believing, saying, and taking positive steps to achieving things
  • By Listening to sermons,and other things that we edify the mind for good.

One thing to note when seeking the power of faith to conquer fear is that doubt kills more dreams than failure ever will. Take a good look at Peter who was asked to walk on water. As soon as the master called and he trusted him in faith, he suddenly began to walk on water. However, when he started to doubt in his heart, he drowned. 

Also, many times, you may just need to speak to the "mountain"
The Mountain is your problem. The mountain is anything that is a barrier to you completing God's Will. The mountain is anything that is adverse or contrary to the Word of God for your life.
IF you don't speak to your mountain, your mountain will speak to you.
Prayer and fasting will move you into a more confident [faithful] position to speak to the mountain

Jesus didn't tell us to ignore or deny the mountain. Jesus didn't say to have a positive attitude. Jesus said to speak to the mountain.
Jesus promises "it will move" [Matthew 17:20], "it will be done" [Matthew 21:21], it "shall come to pass" [Mark 11:23], and it will "obey you" [Luke 17:6].
When faith is produced in the heart, then the mouth will speak. Faith has something to say.
Romans 10:10 2 Corinthians 4:13
Jesus says that it is the believer's responsibility to speak to the mountain. Are you doing what Jesus instructed you to do?
Faith involves you placing confidence in God's spoken word and responding to it.
Great faith in God is demonstrated by understanding the relationship between the spoken word and authority.
Luke 7:7
But only speak a word, and my servant will be healed".
Matthew 8:7-11
A believer is more than one who merely agrees that the Word is true. A believer acts on the Word of God.
You exhibit faith when you speak to things instead of asking God to speak for you.
Why do so many people believe the "whosoever clause" of John 3:16, but not the "whosoever clause" of Mark 11:23?

Habakkuk 2 vs 4
Matthew 6 vs 30
Matthew 8 vs 10

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