You have an Advocate: Gospel Today Devotional - 4th October, 2023

 Instructions are given so that we do not err. There are times when people tell us not to do certain things; not to go somewhere, not to take something, not to act in a particular way, and all. These rules are given so that we may know how to conduct ourselves. They also at the same time serve as the basis on which punishments are given if the rules are disobeyed.

You have an Advocate: Gospel Today Devotional - 4th October, 2023

In football for example, it is expected that when as a player you're booked the first time for committing an offence, you get a yellow card, and that implies that all through the game, you're expected to coordinate yourself so you don't get a second yellow card, and if you do, it automatically means you're out of the game. You know why? Because you knew the rules, and it was stated to you clearly. The most amazing thing is this, that when that happens, no one can plead your case; not the coach, not  the players, and not the fans. The referee's decision stands no matter what others may think, and so the only way to avoid that is to abide by the rules.

The illustration above is to paint a picture to us, and to help enhance our understanding of today's lesson. The first epistle of John the beloved captured a very important lesson that we ought to learn as believers, chiefly the fact that certain things have been written so that we do not err, and that if peradventure we err, there's a provision for restoration. The scripture is seen below,

"My little children, these things write I unto you, that ye sin not. And if any man sin, we have an advocate with the Father, Jesus Christ the righteous". (1 John 2:1)

The word advocate according to Merriam Webster is defined as a person who argues for the cause of another person in a court of law. According to the scripture below, we can see clearly the fact that we do have an advocate. It was stated in the illustration above that when a footballer receives a second yellow card, he gets to face the penalty for his actions, and no one would be able to plead for him, right?

However, the case is different with us. The scripture opens with the fact that the things written not just in this book now, but also applicable to all scripture were written such that we do not sin(err), and that we know as believers how to comport ourselves, living our lives pleasing, and acceptable before God.

Listen to what he says next, though these things have been written so that we do not err or sin, it is possible that we err or do something that is not consistent with the nature of God we now have, even then I want us to remember this, that we have an advocate with the Father, Jesus the righteous.

Was he saying we had the license to do just anything, and deliberately act in ways that are inconsistent with the nature of God in us? The answer is no. What then is this trying to say to us? There are times when we may act in ways that are inconsistent with the nature of God in us, and rather than condemn ourselves, and feel helpless, and guilty, we should remember that there is one who pleads our case, and because he does plead our case, we can go boldly come before the Lord to help us, and we will indeed  find rest for our souls. I pray for many today who feel condemned that the peace of the Lord comes upon you. You have an advocate, Jesus the righteous.

Thought for the day: You're not to condemn yourself when you sometimes act in ways that are inconsistent with God's nature in you. You have an advocate, and as a result you can always find rest for your soul in God when you come to him for help.

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