4 Bible Lessons from the Life of Ruth

In the South western attraction of Nigeria which is predominantly occupied by Yoruba natives, there’s a popular way to refer to anyone who bears the name, Ruth. Usually, this popular nomenclature is “Ruth Abokoku” which literally means “the Biblical Ruth who had many husbands”. In some cases, this could come off as slightly abusive and in other cases, the person who bears the name could take it as a compliment, however  absurd. But far from it all are the many lessons that come from the life of Ruth. Although she suffered the fate of multiple husbands, we cannot decide to leave out the many beautiful lessons from her life. That is one major reason this article is coming up now.

What qualities can be learnt from Ruth? Did she make any errors? How did she manage to live through life and its many issues? How can we apply basic principles from her story in our lives today? This article in the next few lines will answer these questions and more in five beautiful lessons from the life of Ruth.

Like men, the Bible holds beautiful records of valiant women, Ruth being one of them. There are as well many life changing lessons to learn from the life and character of Ruth. So, in our article today, I will share a few lessons from the life of Ruth.


1. Ruth was dogged and uneasily wavered

In Ruth 1: 16, we see how Ruth replied Naomi, pleading that she should not be asked to turn back from. She insisted that wherever Naomi went, she would go and that she was ready to take full responsibility by accepting everything that came along. Her doggedness got so far that she also insisted that Naomi's people will become her people and that Naomi's God would be her God.

Ruth had a consistent and positively stubborn attitude to follow every cause to the end. So when her mother-in-law, Naomi had tried to convince her to go back to her family (Ruth 1:12 and Ruth 1:15-17), she stayed and held on to her convictions without doubting. Ruth aptly confirms this in verses 16 and 17 where she tells Naomi, "Don’t make me leave you, for I want to go wherever you go and to live wherever you live; your people shall be my people, and your God shall be my God; I want to die where you die and be buried there. May the Lord do terrible things to me if I allow anything but death to separate us.”

On the other hand, Orpah, her sister in-law was with them, but turned back after several pleas from Naomi. As believers, this also applies to us in our walk with God. Learn to stay on the word even when others turn in search for alternatives.

 2. Ruth built a Character of Self Respect

According to the events recorded in Ruth 2:4 and verse 10, Boaz had heard about Ruth even before he met her physically. This was as a result of the good words he  heard around about Ruth. Many people had used her as a point of reference because of the character of self respect she built around her life. Also, the people had heard about her commitment to follow Naomi and become a part of her people. Being insistent on God's promises to you as a believer helps to strengthen the faith of the babies in Christ. They want to be like you but if you had stopped, how can there be someone who will impact their lives?


 3. Ruth was loyal to her mother-in-law

Even after gaining favour and taking great grounds in a strange land, Ruth remained loyal to Naomi. She portrays that loyalty is one characxter that keeps men and helps them to consistently grow. The Bible records that Ruth stayed with them...(Ruth 2:23) and was submissive in instructions (Ruth 3:5) by doing all she was told. This is a proper representation of submission and loyalty even for believers. It is instructive of the fact that pride is a destructive thing among growing believers. Never puff yourself above the anointed person God has placed over you. Instead, be loyal as in the days of little beginning, so in the long run, people shall praise God because of you.

5 Lessons from the Life of Ruth by Elizabeth Fidelis Obianuju

4. Ruth was Spiritually Sensitive to Timing

Again, in Ruth 1:16, we read how Ruth was sensitive to know that it was not time to leave for her home yet. By choosing to stay with Naomi and insisting that Naomi;s people will become her people and that Naomi's God would be her God, she was only following timing. Today, many believers are ignorant of seasons and timings. They can not predict important seasons in their life or know when they need to press more into God or make an important decision to abandon the distractions, relationships, old attachments keeping them from moving.

Ruth was sensitive and understood at this point, going back to her home town wasn't a good option. She was a woman who could sense that staying with her mother-in-law was the best decision. She knew the path she wanted to take.Today, many believers stick to fighting against Godly instincts and become insensitive. Ruth showsan example here that sensitivity to timing tunes you to God and helps you to discern the right choice you should make in that business pursuit, lifestyle or relationship 

This is a woman that understood timing! The bible told us of the sons of Issachar who understood the timings and seasons. Ruth was not only adamant to go with Naomi because she knew returning back was to her detriment, she also knew that better days were ahead and not behind. She was optimistic for the future and undisturbed about the past because she understood timing. Like Ruth, believers today must know that there are certain seasons that comes in your life and if you don't understand it, you will miss out from getting what that season has.

Orpah couldn't see that following Naomi would have given her another husband or avail her to opportunities God has waiting for her? On the other hand, Ruth was spiritually sensitive enough to know that something awaited for her in the land of Judah. How could she have predicted correctly even when she said: "Your God. Shall be my God, Your people my people"



Considering the diverse values, lifestyles and teachings spreading across today, have you ever asked what kind of life a godly lady should live in the 21st century? A befitting answer to your question is embodied in the scriptures. There are women in the bible that has modeled the right lifestyle for every lady to follow. One of these women is Ruth. Ruth was a virtuous woman who understood spiritual things and was sensitive to discern timing.

No doubt, Ruth lived a lesson filled life and having read these different lessons from the life of Ruth, I hope that you can learn from them and become a better version of yourself. Lessons from Bible Characters like we have always shared in previous articles are basically intended to help you live a better life. 

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