It is Impossible for God to lie: Gospel Today Devotional - 12th December, 2023


Understanding who God is, and that which defines him is what gives us an insight into that which he can do, and that which he cannot. As a son or daughter to your parent, it is expected that having stayed with them over a certain period of your life, you should be able to say something about them, right? You should know what defines your father or mother; what traits they have. Is your father a short tempered man? Is he generous? Is your mother hospitable? Is she kind at heart, and loving as well? These things you should know, isn't it?

It is Impossible for God to lie: Gospel Today Devotional - 12th December, 2023

Based on these traits, the other important thing you should know is what each one of them is capable of doing, right? Let's say you came back from school only to find out that some persons were speaking about your mother being hostile in nature, and that she sent them away when they came into the house, would you believe knowing the kind of mother you have? You wouldn't, right? You would rather defend her, and convince them to think of her in a different light, am I correct?

You see, it is also possible she did according as they claimed, right? That doesn't deny the fact that she is hospitable, and kind at heart. It might have been as a result of some kind of bad timing, or any other contributing factor. This shows that there are times man based on external influences can act against the traits you know them to have but God is not so. This is the reason we have been considering this series. The passage of scripture to be considered today is seen below,

"That by two immutable things, in which it was impossible for God to lie" (Hebrew 6:18).

One thing that must be settled first in our hearts is the fact that God cannot act against his nature. Never at any point in time will God try to hate rather than love. Never at any point in time will God try to become darkness rather than light. God cannot be pressured into acting against his nature. God and his essential attributes are inseparable. God is love does not mean God has love or tries to love. It means what it says, that love is God, and God is love. It means light is God, and God is light. God is his nature, and his nature is him. Praise God! This is that which we must first settle in our hearts. 

You see, men tell lies. Many times, I have seen and heard men say things that were not the truth. What does it mean to tell a lie? In simple terms, it is saying something different from the truth. It is knowing the truth, and deliberating saying something different from it. This is not God's nature. Do you remember in our first study in this series the anchor text that said God is not a man that he should lie? You do, right? It means while a man may lie, what makes God different from him is that God cannot lie. Let this be in your heart at all times that God would not lie. He would not say anything other than the truth. He is truth himself. So, why should he lie?

When you say something is immutable, it means that thing cannot be changed. It cannot be altered. So what the scripture seeks to explain above is by two solid unalterable proofs, it was impossible for God to lie. It was impossible for him to say anything other than the truth. Since he said it was so, he didn't change it. The proofs showed he wasn't lying. If it was impossible for him to lie then, it is impossible for him to lie now. He would not lie to make you believe him, he won't lie to dash your hope against the wall. If he says a thing, just take as it is for God only speaks truth. And as sons, knowing it is not our Father's nature to lie, to say anything other than the truth, having received his nature at birth, we should as well speak nothing but the truth at all times. The Lord help us all. Amen.

Thought for the day: God cannot lie. God will never lie. God has never lied. He only speaks truth. Having received now his nature, you should also speak the truth at all times as your Father does.

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