The Will of God in Christ Jesus: Gospel Today Devotional - 22nd January, 2024

It's hard to say thank you when things do not go as you have planned or when people sometimes do not do things as you have asked them to, isn't it? Take for instance, you told your father you wanted a bicycle, and he got you a toy instead saying you should practice with that first; it's funny, isn't it? Will you be happy? The words, "Thank you" will find it difficult to come from your mouth, isn't it? Certainly, why? Because that was not what you requested for. It wasn't. Even if he got you something at least, he didn't get you what you requested for.

The Will of God in Christ Jesus: Gospel Today Devotional - 22nd January, 2024

Let's say when you requested for a bicycle, he got you the exact same thing you requested for, how would you react to it? Very happy, right? You can go on to say thank you repeatedly for the whole of that week, why? Because he did as you asked. My question to you is this, don't your father deserve appreciation from you whether or not he bought you what you asked for exactly? Shouldn't he be thanked for the fact that he got you something at least? He should of course.

 Let's take a look at the passage of scripture below,

"In every thing give thanks: for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you" (1 Thessalonians 5:18).

How can you give thanks in everything? What does it mean to give thanks in everything? Does that mean that everything will turn out good since that's the only time we find it easy to thank the Lord? Can one really thank the Lord in everything? Is that possible? Why would the scripture even instruct this in the first place may be be the question in the hearts of many, right? It still does not deny the fact that we have been instructed to give thanks in all things.

It doesn't mean that all would be rosy at all times, there are times you would feel like it and there are times you would not. There are times things will go as you have planned and there are times things will not go as planned but still in everything you have to give thanks, why? Because you know that all things work together for good (whether it is the way you have planned or not) to them who love God and are the called according to his purpose.

It may be hard to accept this but it doesn't deny the fact that it is true, when tempted and tried, you should give God thanks for such trials are only temporary; when worn and weary, God should be thanked for you are certain he will strengthen and replenish. He is God regardless of the situation meaning that the situation you may face will not change his person but what you can do is thank him regardless, why? This is his will in Christ Jesus concerning you. You're to give him thanks in everything. This is that which he desires that we do as his children.The Lord grants us grace to do as we have been instructed.

Thought for the Day

Whether or not it is as you have planned (Good or not, great or little), for all things work together for your good, you're to give thanks to God not in some things, but as it were, in everything.

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