Burning Altars by Goodness Temidayo

Burning Altars by Goodness Temidayo
Oh that God's holy fire would possess me,
Till I am wholly blessed and set ablaze,
Purified and empowered to dwell in Him,
Ceaselessly emitting heavenly irradiancy ,
In the sacred place of faithful devotion,
Where the unction to function descends.

Upon my altar, I long for thy fire to fall ,
The fullness of your grace and glory overflows,
When my cleansed heart retains the fire within,
God's constrained love and glory knowing,
Leads me to the height of perfectness,
Spirit, soul and body exuding divine uniqueness.

Filled with His fire, I'm ever refined,
And this mortal being reflect His nature,
In His perfect image I'm bound to shine,
Ever committed to keep my altar aflame,
Though considered by the world a clown,
Yet I'll do my Saviour's will so blest .

In His presence; that's where my soul belongs,
Seeking His blessed face,touching His grace,
Earnestly baptized with heavenly fervency,
Triumphantly enlisted with the blessed throng,
Releases Joy untold–peace all surpassing,
His increase I'll declare, while I decrease.

The Father looks down from on high,
In search for men who will not sigh,
But wholeheartedly keep their altar ablaze,
Until they gaze at His glory sublime,
Fighting for His cause as we wait below,
Soon we'll be gone to glow with our king.

Giving up earthly pleasures with its amusement ,
For the world to behold the divine power ,
Of the precious one I'm devoted to love,
While I tarry to carry His glory at last ,
The awesomeness of His grace I'll allow,
Strengthened by the heavenly dove sweetness.

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  1. Hmmm...Well said. Grant this my very heart desire sweet Jesus. Amen
    More grace

    1. What an inspiring Article holy fire burn upon my altar

    2. More grease to your elbow

  2. And for Your Presence, if needs be, I receive Grace to be able to trade everything for. Amen. Sweeter than wine and the best of comfort to the Righteous Soul is it to me. Better than the company of a newly wedded spouse. May I have grace to wait, watch and pray until in its fullness I am baptized with in eternity where my ever thirsty soul will find sufficient for satisfaction. I know one thing for sure no plethora exist in your presence unless sin crouches at the door. For this help my soul with Grace to watch and not to wander.

  3. Obadimu Titilope Adunola15 March 2022 at 12:32

    More anointing ma'am.

  4. What a timely write up may God keep us on hot and steadfast for him

  5. Timely message, may God help us all.

  6. This can only come from a God inspired heart. More inspirations In Jesus Name��.

  7. Akindoyin Mercy17 March 2022 at 07:00

    This is a wonderful and soul inspiring message

  8. This is such a timely and inspiring message. May God keep helping us.

  9. Samuel Daramola20 March 2022 at 17:01

    This is inspiring.
    More Revelations from God to you in Jesus.
    And may the Lord grant us the power to ever live to radiate His glory.
    Thank you ma.

  10. Inspired to burn for God


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