Igniting Men by Ajayi Taiwo

Igniting Men by Ajayi Taiwo

Francis Ikechukwu is known for one thing and that is being a MOBILE FIRE. Stories have it that anyone who comes in contact with Francis could literally get ignited with the fire he was carrying. There are stories of people who were once addicted but the moment they came in contact with Francis, their addictions took their leave.

Francis is a student studying Microbiology in a private university located in Imo state. Some students described Francis as a guy who "carried Jesus on his head". Many think he's been too excessive with the way he was taking his spiritual life. 
"If you don't find Francis in his hostel, then he's certainly at the basketball court or at his fellowship Auditorium praying like there's no tomorrow. If he's not there then he's probably in a bush doing the same one thing-Praying." One of his hostel mates affirmed.

Francis was the kind of person whose heart was burning for God. His passion for the things of God was second to none. He was a lover of the word and he also gave himself to prayers.

Currently, he is seen praying in his fellowship Auditorium
"Eka kushe... Emi na tere Ba... God...I stand in my place as a priest, decreeing over this campus. Men come to you...Men are on fire for you... Men come into the light of Christ... Arrgh...I persist until there is a change. Aya sha, darkeness shall not prevail over this campus. Men's hearts are aligned...I persist until men get ignited.. Elu bai raboshka."he began praying passionately and sweating profusely.

"O God", he continued "Let there be more altars burning for you. Cause men to burn for you... E lu ka ka ture Ba.. Dead altars come alive... Altars are ignited... Eiii... More souls are drawn into the kingdom. Through me, more souls are ignited... More souls are burning for you Lord..."

He prayed that way all through the night.

The next morning, he went to his hostel to have a shower. The moment his roommate(Joshua) opened the door for him, he fell to his feet and began blasting in tongues. Francis was suprised at what he was seeing, he tried to help Joshua up but the guy just remained glued to the ground still praying loudly in tongues. 

Francis began to pray in tongues too, trying to understand what was going on.
"You asked that men become ignited through you and I'm doing just that" he heard God say to him.
"Wow!" Francis muttered and continued praying in tongues.
He went to have a shower. When he returned, Joshua was still on the floor praying in tongues. He was weeping profusely as he did.
Francis got dressed. He had lectures that morning so he couldn't remain in the room for long. When he left for lectures, Joshua was still praying.

At the lecture theatre crazy things began to happen. Francis realised that he was seeing coals of fire being heaped on everyone who came close to him. Everyone sitting close to him began to pray in tongues.

Francis had to leave the lecture hall to avoid causing distractions. He had trekked his way down to school as means of doing a Prayer walk and he was doing the same thing as he returned to his hostel.

By the time he got to his room, he found Joshua on the same spot, sweating profusely while praying in tongues. Francis took his seat on his bed and continued praying too. After two hours, Joshua began to pray in understanding and eventually ended his prayers. Francis did too.

"Guy...God is real o!" Joshua said as he took his seat on his bed which was opposite Francis.

"Indeed He is" Francis replied.
"Whenever I see you praying excessively, I usually think that you are overdoing it. I can't understand what is happening to me. All I know is, when I opened the door for you and I set my eyes on you. It was as though something from you permeated my body. It felt like someone poured fire on my inside and I just couldn't stop praying in tongues. There's more to life than we think there is " Joshua explained amidst panting.

Francis was quiet for a while. He thought about the times that he would talk Joshua into going to church but he wouldn't budge. There were times that Joshua would pick up a fight with him complaining that he was praying too loudly.  He had prayed God to help him get Joshua's heart softened and make him zealous towards the things of God. He had been praying for him for nearly two years and he was glad God chose to answer his prayers.

"I'm not only concerned about your roommate getting ignited through you. I'm concerned about how much I can do through the both of you. The proof that you are burning is in the fact that you are able to ignite others. What fire only burns itself? If indeed you have any fire in you, it should spread, vigorously!" he heard the Holy Spirit say to him.

After Joshua's encounter, he got serious with God. Both he and Francis became a team, they prayed like there was no tomorrow asking for just what thing: That Christ be known all over the campus. They faced persecution and opposition, yes but one thing that kept them going was that, they stood in their positions as Priests. They were not missing in their secret places. They ensured their fire wasn't put out. They got themselves fueled every now and then. They never took for granted the word of God and also they had Spiritual Authority they submitted to. They kept every necessary measure in check and didn't give the devil a chance.

They both organised several meetings in and around the campus that was life changing for men. By the time they were both graduating from the University with excellent grades, they had caused a great influence in the university. They had successors who could continue the meetings they had started.

Francis remembered what God had told him: "if indeed you have any fire in you, it should spread, vigorously". He was glad the fire did spread. Very vigorously.

But this wasn't the end. There was more to come. He was confident that even now that he's graduated, he would do more exploits for God.

Three months after Francis finished from school, he wrote a book and titled it, "Why we need to burn as believers". One of his favourite quotes from the book was "Believers aren't just called to remain in Christ and do nothing. We are called to go out there and get the world to burn with the fire of God. We are called to be burning! We are called to ignite men!"

Joshua didn't stop burning for God either, he got called into full-time ministry years after graduation. He did it with all passion and Zeal. His ministry was mostly focused on igniting children and he would hold several programs to this effect. He did his best to ensure that nothing dies in his hands. During one of his outreaches, he met his missing rib(so to speak). They courted for a year and got married after.
Francis on the other hand is still single at the moment, news has it that he's in a relationship with a lady minister but on the question of when he is getting married, we know not. We don't know for sure when that is going to happen but we know it will.


This is the life of two young guys who made "igniting men" their mission. Whose life are you igniting? Are you still burning for God? Are you ensuring that your fire isn't put out? This is a call to the secret place. We are made for more!.

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