Lessons from the Parable of the Ten Virgins

Lessons from the Parable of the Ten Virgins

While I studied and mediated on Matthew 25:1-23, the parable Jesus told about the ten virgins. I found out that the parable wasn't drawing our attention to the lack of the extra oil the foolish virgins didn't take or the lamp or the fire. I know there has been a lot of teachings on this parable and the major focus has been on believers losing their oil and losing guard of their fire, allowing it to go dim

I found out through deep studying that the parable was beyond that!

These observations need to be noted well; The virgins all had oil. They were all virgins. They all had lamps. Their lamps had light on it.

But something happened! This was where there had to be a differentiation of the ten virgins

The bible recorded in verse 2, that the foolish virgins were foolish because they possessed attributes that made them so. They were thoughtless and had no forethought!

This was the problem of the foolish virgins!

Dear Godly ladies

Being a virgin isn't enough!

Having the oil is good! But remember that there is need for the "extra".

The significance of the oil in this parable isn't only the 'anionting'. It signifies "Preparation".

The foolish virgins didn't go with extra oil because they functioned in the now. They didn't consider or plan ahead for the future!

How come they didn't think that the oil will get dried up? This was where the wise virgins got it right. They were prepared.

The bible said they were smart, prudent, thoughtful. They had qualities that made them see the future or perhaps reason that an unforseen circumstance might happen, hence they took extra flask of oil.

Something in this parable made me understand why the foolish virgins were regarded as such. They lacked preparation and they also didn't take caution. How did they not Forsee that the groom would arrive if they left to get oil?

A big question that needs to be asked.

Some ladies have missed God's will for your life because they forsook the later to enjoy now!

Against the plans of God, you chose another way.

You need to stop being foolish


This parable is a call to you to stay alert, cautious and prepared.

I hope you caught it??

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