Christian Poetry: The Healing Prayer

You've been wounded for long
You have lashed out from blind fury and pain every time you have been tried to help
It's time now. It's okay.
The wound is festering. You will need to get help now

To you who has been wounded,
For every time you have shouted at something you read and hissed in anger,
For every layer of pain that has covered you,
It's time now
You will need to heal now

Remember how He is come to heal the brokenhearted?
And set the captives free?
I know. It hurts.
Your mind is so clouded by pain, the concept of healing never made much sense to you
Fiery doubts and anger have backed you to a corner and like a wounded lion, your fury has been your shield
But trust me, all of that threshold of pain has brought you to this moment

Yes, I know you're fine

Ehn, you're getting over it

I understand...

 "Come unto me all ye who are weary and heavy laden and I will give you rest..."
It's okay. This is safe territory
You can drop the baggage here
You heart has raced a thousand miles every time the pain slashed through
You will need to get healing now

So, here's how it goes
You unburden yourself by admitting your hurt, fears, anger and pain
You argue your case, how it was not even fair
You ask for help
You bully your heart into surrending
That is you choose to believe what the word says, regardless of how you feel
Then, You ask for healing
And trust that He was always on your side, even then when it didn't seem like it and that thing burned you

You allow him walk you through the process of healing

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