13 Recommended American Christian Movies on YouTube

Movies are a beautiful way to unwind after a stressful day or to catch up with friends, family and loved ones. It only gets better if these movies are Christian movies which inspire you, boost your faith in God and encourages you to grow with the help of the Holy SPirit. This is why we have compiled a list of recommended Christian movies for you.
The good thing about these movies is the fact that they are all uploaded on Youtube for free and you don't need to bother about a Netflix or other movie subscription services to watch them. Here is a list of twelve movies

1. Closer to God: Jessica's Journey (2012)

Directed by Jenn Page, Closer to God is a movie that shows a mother's struggle to keep things under control as her daughter dies of cancer, her estranged father suddenly returns and her faith in God is put to test. The movie is a family drama written by Camara Davies and Jenn Page. You can watch the movie, Closer to God by clicking here to watch on YouTube.

2. The Golden Voices (2018)

This is an inspiring black family drama...... You can watch the movie, The Golden Voices by clicking here to watch on YouTube.

3. Act of Faith (2014)

Directed by

4. Forgiveness (2015) 

The movie, Forgiveness is   You can https://youtu.be/ejTyJ4gmzlo

5. Fire and Rain (2019)

6. Divine Will (2016)

7. King's Faith (2013)

8. God's Compass (2016)

9. The Prayer Circle (2013) 

10. The Pastor's Secrets (2012)

11. Pastor Shirley (2013)


12. Measure of Faith (2011)

In this 2011 movie, Faith Donahue seems to have the picture perfect life: a great job in the church, a handsome, successful husband and wonderful friends. But Faith's world is about to unravel in ways she never imagined. After the sudden death of her beloved grandmother, Faith receives an unexpected guest - her broke and unemployed brother. The two estranged siblings must try and mend their troubled relationship forcing each to come to terms with deeper seeded secrets and lies that will change their lives forever.

Measure by Faith was directed by Jason Hewitt and written by Robert Irvin. Starting characters include Lark Voorhies, Glenn Plummer and Tiara Ashleigh. You can watch the movie, Measure of Faith on YouTube by clicking here.

13. Chasing After You

A Christian romance and love story, Chasing After You takes a twist on modern romance, after a young male pursues a single mother with no interest in a relationship; other than her one with God. Michael, the leading male, continues to show persistence for the leading lady Elise, only to be greeted with rejection. Single mother Elise is focused on her spiritual relationship but continues to get reminded that she may never be forgiven by the people that visit her in her past relationships.

Director: Paige B. Alston
Writer: Paige B. Alston
Stars: Malikia Cee, Zuri Imani Davis, Jillian Diane


It is worthy to note that all these movies recommended here are foreign movies. If you are looking to watch Nigerian Christian movies, we recommend our list of movies by the Mount Zion Film Ministries. 
We pray that these movies bless your lives as you watch them. While you are edified spiritually, we also pray that these movies will put big smiles on your faces, ease your stress and cause great relief in your bodies. You can also use the Kedrus TV Application to directly watch Gospel movies. Launched in December 2021 as a "Netflix for the Gospel", Kedrus TV currently has over 8,000 registered app users.

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