KEDRUS TV Unveils Free Online Platform for Streaming Christian Movies, Songs and Messages

KedrusTv  an indigenous  inspirational digital television station has unveiled her free online platform for streaming Christian movies, songs, messages and lots more 

KEDRUS TV Unveils Free Online Platform for Streaming Christian Movies, Songs and Messages

In a statement by the Managing Director, Kedrus consulting Ltd  Mr. Tochukwu Justin stated that the platform was  birthed by passionate believers who have chosen to leverage technology and the digital media in reaching the uttermost part of the earth with the gospel of Christ unto salvation. 

According to him the core focus is on celebrating Christ and his finished work on the cross for the saints through movies, songs, messages, poetry, and animations.

He noted that Kedrus TV is a one stop shop for all favorite Christian collections. Its just like Netflix but for the Gospel.  

"As digital adoption is growing drastically the world over, many individuals spend a major part of their time online. For many Christians, there is no single platform where they can find edifying content and at the same time also get entertained." He stated.

Justin said ‘’Kedrus TV has decided to provide a solution by creating a platform where anyone can access all varieties of Christian content including movies, songs, messages and teachings, spoken word poetry, animation for kids and so much more. There is something for everyone no matter what genre you’re into. You’ll most certainly find something you love on the platform. 


The streaming platform which had just been launched recently allows everyone irrespective of where you are located across the globe to access all varieties of Christian content for FREE just at the click of a button on the website

‘’We  have demonstrated outstanding excellence as the quality of images and videos on the platform match global standards. The platform itself was designed to compete with top brands like Netflix and HBO. Although still at its infancy stage, you will most definitely appreciate the level of excellence they put in.’’

‘’Several people who have used the platform are filled with good testimonies about the service. One family reported they were relieved to find suitable content for their children to watch. He noted.

Kedrus Tv is a subsidiary of Kedrus consulting Ltd, an indigenous digital transformation consulting firm in Africa and is most likely going to be the top spot for many Christians during this Christmas season.

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