Christian Poetry: I Love You



In one week
You hear these words on the following days:
On Monday, as your spirit lifts and soars
Breaking in praise and prayer
A sweet voice whispers: 
"I love you"
On Tuesday, as you round off that prayer
And you search to see if there is a word for that brother
You blush with embarrassment as you hear those words again, "I love You"
Wednesday will pass in a blur of activities and tiredness
And on Thursday morning, as you settle to study your bible, that love-smitten voice will come again, "I love you"

Then Friday will roll in.
Your patience will snap
Your anger will annoy you
Your love walk will stop halfway
You will see how easily you wear your faults
You will sleep a restless sleep after beating yourself on the head

When you awake to tears on Saturday, you will sense a presence but hear no voice
Some rather overly repeated words will embrace you instead
And in that moment when you can't love yourself, you will finally grasp what He has been trying to tell you all week
His Love will embrace and heal you and tell you it's okay, He's got you
Your strength will be renewed on Sunday morning
You will see and admit your weaknesses
But you will also remember that that's why He is here
To love and heal you
To carry you so that for your weakness, you will find His strength

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