The Counsel of the Lord: Gospel Today Devotional - 11th May, 2024

One of the many things about God that believers need to hold on to is that his purposes can never be thwarted. He is not one who would say a thing and later come to plead for his inability to bring that thing to pass. In creating man, he had a purpose for man, and that was the fact the he wanted man to rule as well as have dominion over everything that he created. This is seen in the record according to Genesis chapter one. Though man fell, God through his Son Jesus, still fulfilled that purpose. Even now, I believe that what the Lord had in mind for man when he created him, though he fell, is that which he still made available to us through his Son, Jesus, that we as believers should live a life of dominion on earth (manifesting his divine nature and showing forth his praise).

The Counsel of the Lord: Gospel Today Devotional - 11th May, 2024

This is to make you know that the purposes of God are never thwarted. It stands ever more. It may be opposed, fought against but in the end, it will still stand. The Psalmist being aware of this truth said something so true in the verse of scripture below,

"The counsel of the Lord standeth for ever, the thoughts of his heart to all generations".(Psalm 33:11).

Why did the Psalmist say this? What must have prompted this thought in him at the least? These are questions we may have to ask ourselves. I trust that the Lord explains this to us the best way possible.

The counsel of the Lord standeth forever (  having considered the work of the Lord, having considered his ways, having examined his word and his dealings with men, I came to this conclusion, that the purposes of the Lord are never thwarted. It will always stand. Though the enemy fights against it, men disagree, it doesn't matter. If he has declared it, that's final, it will surely stand). The thoughts of his heart to all generations( I also came to discover that not just his counsel stands forever, even the very thoughts of his heart cannot be thwarted, it stands even to all generations). Glory to God. I want to believe this was the Psalmist's reason for such a statement.

Isn't it wonderful to know as believers that God's counsel stands forever? Isn't it wonderful to know that his thoughts towards you stands eternally and cannot be thwarted? You should rejoice friends, because that which the Lord has said or spoken concerning you, his intent and purpose for your life will never be thwarted. It will be as God has said. Men may oppose it, systems may fight it, family members may disagree, but in the end, it is his counsel and his thoughts that will stand. Glory to God. I exhort you therefore to comfort yourself with this truth, for his counsel stands forever, and his thoughts to all generations.

Thought for the day

Though men may oppose the things God has said concerning you, disapprove of it, and even disagree with the idea but it doesn't matter what they think because you know in the end, just the thoughts and the counsel of God will prevail.

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