What the Truth Does: Gospel Today Devotional - 14th May, 2022

Have you ever been to a court of law? Well, it's possible you've not been there. Even if you've never been there, I believe once or twice, you would have seen a court; perhaps in movies.

What the Truth Does: Gospel Today Devotional - 14th May, 2022

You see, when a case is brought before to a court; the Chief Judge presides over the case, with the defending and prosecuting counsels to speak for or against the one whose case has been brought before the court.

You may very well agree that the accused can only be said to be discharged and acquitted (made free) based on substantial proofs of his innocence. He becomes free  when the truth is known. It is the truth that liberates the accused, not the Chief Judge nor the defending counsel, but as it were, the truth being revealed before all.

What do you have to learn from this? It doesn't matter what you do as a believer, it is the truth you know that makes you free. It is the light you have that gives you freedom. The scripture puts it this way,

"And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free". (John 7:32)

This is powerful. This implies that unlike a court of law, you make yourself free; the truth is your defence but you become free by knowing it(that is having the knowledge of it and living in its reality).

To every believer, you have to know the truth. The truth that there's no condemnation to the justified, the truth that God's promises never fail, the truth that there's nothing impossible with God, the truth that he is your shield, help, and strength, etc. This will change the way you see things, act and live. It will make you free from all guilt and lies of the devil and also at the same time empower to live above every trying situation. May the Lord bless his word in our hearts. 

Thought for the day:  The truth is that which liberates (makes one free); and when you know the truth about anything, you become free. Your freedom is in knowing the truth about the realities of the kingdom and living in those kingdom realities.

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