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Minister Folabi Nuel who many call ‘the Nigerian Travis Greene’ is an anointed gospel singer, songwriter, worship leader and musician who has released many powerful and life impacting songs from his very first debut single “God of Heaven” and album “Good God” released in 2017 to his latest release “More Than Enough”, released on the 3rd of June, 2022. From his songs over the years, it is evident that Folabi Nuel is a deep lover of God who is on a mission to draw many to the love of God and make Jesus famous through his songs.

Folabi’s life is one that shows perseverance and consistency in following and growing in God’s plan for his life. As he revealed in an interview with Michael Olorunsola on BellaNaija Gospel Watch, the thirty years old minister started singing from his teenage years in high school after he got saved and joined his fellowship choir. Over the years, as his love for God grew, his passion and skill for music also grew. He once sold his laptop while in the University to pay the production fee for his very first single “God of Heaven” which later went on to peak as Number 1 on the Rhythm 93.7FM’s “ Holy Holla Top 5” for several weeks.

Born on the 7th of January 1992, he is a Lagos based minister who studied at the Federal University of Agriculture, Abeokuta. He is the current worship leader at LifePointe Church (the young adult expression of Elevation Church, Lagos). A passionate  worship singer with a unique style of music and vocal agility similar to that of Travis Greene, he is very passionate about gospel music and he believes that gospel music is very broad and should not be streamlined to just singing in the Church. This is definitely one of the reasons why he sings and worships God in  unique ways combining jazz, rock and pop to make a unique sound and content.

Minister Folabi Nuel believes that gospel music is very wide and is expressed in different styles from worship music like Hillsong and Bethel, to others like Christian contemporary music, gospel rap, etc. He has also stated that in Nigeria, majority of our gospel content is created for the Church and Folabi believes that this traditional way of viewing gospel music is as a result of a poor music revenue structure such as publishing rights and royalties which makes many gospel artists in the industry think the revenue only comes from church invites and honorarium.  He believes that gospel music is way bigger than singing in the Church, that many people need to hear the gospel songs that talk about hope and love, and inspires us to be better with a different tempo or a sound that is not necessarily church like especially in this millennial generation. Many of his songs and his unique styles of approaching different songs has shown that he is embracing new sounds and is being innovative with the Christian content he is putting out. He is simply using different ways to sing about the same God.

Over the years, Folabi Nuel has become a common name to thousands of  people, but it is evident that his growing recognition and influence is indeed a reward to many years of hard work and faithfulness to God and His work. Just a week after the release of his latest song ‘More Than Enough’, Folabi commented on his Instagram handle that the song had recorded over 80,000 streams across all platforms. From a local platform in Abeokuta, he has moved to a global stage making Jesus famous. He has released three albums: Good God, Songs From My Bedroom and Hunger. In his albums, he has featured some of Nigeria’s finest gospel artistes like TY Bello, Nosa, Wale Oni, Florocka, Prosper Ochimana, Freke Umoh, Jodeep and PITA. He has also shared stages with great talents like Tim Godfrey and Travis Greene.  Folabi Nuel has shown that he is humble and loves the body of Christ as he has publicly shown respect for many people like Pastor Nathaniel Bassey, TY Bello, Travis Greene, Dunsin Oyekan, Minister Victoria Orenze, Apostle Emmanuel Iren and many others. He is mentored by Pastor Idris Bello Osagie, the resident Pastor at LifePointe Church who he has publicly acknowledged as father.

FN as he is also known is not just an anointed singer and song writer, he is an author, podcast host and a good preacher of God’s Word. He is the author of  ‘In My Boat’, a fourteen days devotional available on YouVersion with over 12, 000 subscriptions and over 10,000 completions. The devotional was written and compiled to help people anchor their trust in God as they navigate through the storms of life. He is also the host of ‘What I Recently Learned’ Podcast where he talks about every single thing he has learned from different life issues like politics, relationships, music and many others. On his podcast, he also invites and features different people who he admires and have inspired him in his life journey so that many more can be inspired by them. It is unarguable that Folabi Nuel is a man who has his quiver full of different gifts and he is keen on blessing and impacting lives with his gifts to the glory of God.

So far, the young, handsome and anointed Folabi Nuel has said nothing about his relationship status and  is widely known to be single. In recognition of his gifts and talent, he was listed by Voyage ATL Magazine Atlanta as one of top ten inspiring creatives. He was also nominated in the 2018 category of the Africa Media and Gospel Awards for breakthrough artist of excellence and Beatz awards.

The life and story of  Folabi Nuel is an exemplary and inspiring one. His life shows commitment to God and His work, loving God and drawing others to the consciousness of God's love, using your gifts and talents to the glory of God, obeying God and His leadings even when it makes little or no sense naturally, fixing your gaze on Jesus and pursuing the dreams and visions

Minister Folabi Nuel is happily married to his heartthrob, Mrs. Gboremi Nuel. They got married on 2nd September, 2022 and together, they are carrying on the mandate of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Songs and Musical Releases by Minister Folabi

As an inspiring gospel artiste, Minister Folabi Nuel has released the following musical pieces and sounds.
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Minister Folabi Nuel is active on social media. You can connect with him via his official handles on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, You can also follow his music ministry updates via his official YouTube channel here

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