Digital Evangelism for Christian Creatives

Digital Evangelism for Christian Creatives by Alokan Oluwaseun Cephas

The Media is a very delicate and essential mountain part of our lives today and as believers, it is necessary that we take hold of the media in sharing the gospel. Today, we see so many strange things online and it is only the will of God to help people remain sane and save. This compilation will birth so many things and as you read this, I'm sure God has a reason for bringing you in contact with this ministry at this time.

Main Lecture

Once you are a creative for Christ, you are a digital minister.
There are so many activities going on in the digital world from marketing to branding and much more but when it comes to using these skills for Christ, all those things become ministry. So, if you.want to use social media for Christ, you're actually a digital minister of the Gospel. Once you're posting anything about Christ online, you're an evangelist. Now, when you understand that it is a ministry, you will be serious about it. That is when you begin to pray about it, seek the face of God and learn more about God.

That said, I will divide these lectures in 3 phases
  1. What is digital evangelism and Who is a digital evangelist
  2. Models of digital evangelism (Broadcast model and Interactive model)
  3. The 5-fold Digital Ministry
    • Social Media Ministry
    • Web/Blogging Ministry
    • Video/YouTube Ministry
    • Email Ministry
    • Podcast Ministry
In any way you want to reach the gospel online, it must fall into one of these 5 fold digital ministries.
Digital ministry covers digital evangelism. It is a broader way of preaching the gospel online. Under the digital ministry, there are subsets such as digital discipleship, digital missions and the digital church.

Digital evangelism is simply evangelism through the digital space. To break it down, evangelism is any activity you engage in to bring the gospel to men. It is the fulfilment of the great commission, taking the gospel to wherever man is found (the ends of the earth). The digital space is also an arena where men are found and  so the digital sphere becomes a fertile ground for the gospel.

Talking about the birth, life, death, burial, resurrection and second coming of Jesus Christ is conventionally done offline. Digital evangelism now comes to take all of that online. This is God's strategy for the end time. It is a fragment of. The normal evangelism which is separate from the normal evangelism which is from door to door, crusades etc. The new dispensation has brought about digital evangelism.

Now, 1b. Who is a digital evangelist?

The great commission was assigned to every believer. The mission is to ''go''. The understanding of the mission is one reason why digital evangelism exists. The digital workd is an opportunity to fulfil the mandate. A digital evangelist as suchnisnsomeone who uses the digital space to talk about Christ. If yoy use the digital space in any way to talk about Christ -maybe through your WhatsApp status or your friends or Facebook, Instagram etc.then you are a digital evangelist. Every christian on social media today is supposed to be a digital evangelist because ithe digital world connects you directly to many people.

The devil has set agents on the digital world to propagate the gospel of the devil i.e the Antichrist gospel just like the scriptures has said. As believer, we mustnknow that every believer is called into digital evangelism. However it is a pity that many believers think that some specific persons are meant for or callrd to do the job whereas everyone is called to do the job. By simply sharing scriptures and relevant information about the gospel through sharing a blog post, a video or a meme, you are actually evangelising Christ.

On socual media for example, If you check the insights of a post you share, your post might get to.200 or 300 people and that means that those people have seen and interacted with your content. If its in your WhatsApp status with as low as 100 views - whether a video, text or image which talks avout Christ, you are actually advocatingnfor the gospel and you are a digital evangelist.

We must take this as our responsibility as digital evangelists. 

- Models and Methods of digital evangelism

- Interactive Model
- Broadcasting Model

Let me share a blog post I wrote on this subject
1. Broadcasting Model
The advent of the broadcasting model of evangelism to the 15th century when the printing press started. The development also gave way for Christian preachers to print their messages and send to everywhere.

During this time was the Bible was written in hard copy material we can see today.

So, the broadcasting model has been in existence before the internet world. I have done various research and concluded that the majority of our churches still use this method as our strategy online.

It may work just for transmitting messages to the receiver but I can tell you, it won't be effective for evangelism.

Many a time we compare the physical world with the digital world, it is an aberration to do that. Both worlds have different cultures. Some rules that apply in the digital world cannot be fit in the physical world.

Broadcasting is just the transmitting of information from a giver to a receiver. Most times there aren't interactions, only transmitting.

Modern Tools of Broadcasting Models

We have some archaic tools of broadcasting models of evangelism that are still much relevant in this age. Examples include televisions, radios, newspapers, magazines, and many more.

Preachers use these methods to get the Gospel to the door of millions. Numerous souls were won to the sheepfold even till today. These means also gave birth to many tele-evangelist or columnist evangelists we have today.

However, in this age, there is a more excellent way, the digital evolution. The internet innovation gave a more advanced approach to these methods and made it easier thereby producing such tools as
  • Mixlr
  • Facebook Live
  • YouTube Live
  • Other streaming platforms
These platforms are good for digital evangelism but there is a more excellent way we can win souls for Christ in the digital world (online).

Why is the Broadcasting model is not effective?

Evangelism today requires interaction but the broadcasting model only gives you the freedom to transmit information not to get feedback. Feedback is necessary to track conversions and connect with your audience but with the broadcast model, it is difficult to ~know~ those we have given their life to Christ, made a prayer request or responded to your request as regards opening a part of scripture. Also, the broadcasting model is most suitable for streaming of church events, and not for evangelism

Broadcasting is transmitting information without the expectation of receiving. The gospel has used the broadcasting model for a long time through the use of radios, Newspapers, magazines etc to transmit information. As mentioned earlier, this model makes it is very difficult to track changes and conversions. You can not effectively track those who gave their lives to.Christ and follow up becomes difficult. You may not be able to track people who need special attention, have prayer requests and all of that. Although broadcasting has been useful overtime, digital evangelism has only evolved from all of these existing media platforms.

I still encourage the broadcasting model. Live programmes today are still using the broadcasting model to a large extent, but the most effective form of digital evangelism is the interactive model.

2. The Interactive Model

The ineffectiveness of the broadcasting model will make me talk more about the interactive model. Let me start this discussion with Jesus and the Samaritan woman. It was recorded in the Bible that Jesus won a whole city for God but started with a "conversation."

When a Samaritan woman came to draw water, Jesus said to her, "Will you give me a drink?" John 4:4

Jesus was doubted when He keep telling the people that He is the Messiah. It, therefore, brings a lot of questions for Jesus to answer.

Do you remember the Ethiopian Eunuch and Nicodemus the Pharisee?

Many others came to Jesus for a conversation. Some got saved while some did not because …The god of this age has blinded the minds of unbelievers so that they cannot see the light of the gospel that displays the glory of Christ, who is the image of God. 2 Cor. 4:4

You will also see such instances in the digital world so if you want to be a digital missionary or a digital evangelist, you must be ready to employ the interactive model of digital evangelism. You might be doing the broadcasting model as a digital evangelist but to be more effective, you need to adopt the interactive model. The interactive model enables you to engage people in conversations, spark up Jesus talks, faith talks etc. In scriptures when Jesus was speaking to the Samaritan woman, he used the interactive model, asking her a question as to whether or not she'd give him a drink. The question was basically to spark a conversation and in the long run, the whole city of Samaria got to know about Christ because of that interaction. The same thing happened with the Ethiopian eunuch and Nicodemus, so you need to learn to adopt the interactive model in propagating the gospel.

Strategies for Interactive Model

Always follow a method


Attract, Engage and Decision is an inbound marketing strategy that we can also apply to digital evangelism. You simply attract them, engage them and then have them.make a decision. The decision might be to join a group for further discussion, give their life to Christ, join a Bible study or anything

You can attract them with a prayer group, emotional words, ebooks.

You can attract them with discussion starters. I will share a few here. You can also attract them with pictures.

After attracting them, make sure you engage them in discussion. It could be through an private messaging group or through a blog post just like the New Man does. Then you take them to a male a decision through a call to action (CTA). The decision may be to join you and a group of people in a Bible discussion, pray for them or give their lives to Christ. So for any method of digital ministry you choose, these three applies to them all - Attract, Engage and Decision.


1. Discussion Starter 
2. Request For Prayer 
3. Devotional Study 
4. Short Inspirational Videos About CHRIST 
5. Share Your Testimonies

Here are  digital evangelism conversation starters you can try out
  • Do you feel something is missing in your life?
  • What makes you anxious of the future
  • What are the things you rely on?
  • In your view, how do you become a Christian?
  • Do you really believe in life after death?
  • In your viewpoint, who is/was the man Jesus?
  • How do you define fun and entertainment?
  • What are you living for?
  • How significant do you feel the life of Jesus is?
  • What do you believe in God?
  • Has God become real to you before?
  • Do you consider yourself a spiritual person?
  • If you ask God to do one thing for you, what would that thing be?
  • How do you wish to spend eternity?
  • Who do you think is the most important person in history and why? (This conversation should lead to Jesus as the most important person in the history of mankind)
  • Do you think God is interested in you?
  • Why do you think bad things happen?
  • Have you ever felt God is angry with you before?
  • Is God part of your life?
  • Have you ever tried talking to God? What was His response?
  • Have you ever asked Jesus what He thinks about you?
  • Have you ever thought of asking God for help?
  • What would you ask God if you could ask any question from God?
  • Did you go to church? Why or why not?
  • What is humankind's reason for being? What is your purpose in life?

With these starter questions, you can just design these in a graphics, record a five or six seconds audio note with these questions or throw in any of these questions in a group chat. It will lead you to talking about Jesus.
One thing is this, no matter the conversation starter you use, make sure that everything.leads back to the salvation story. These are few questions we have drafted as a ministry to help you lead people to Christ.

Also, to request for prayer, here are a few graphics to help out. After the prayer, you can start a discussion about Christ in that manner.

The third one is the devotional study, short videos about Christ and sharing your testimony.

The devotional study comes in handy if you have the You Version Bible App. It is downloadable on Google Playstore and Appstore. This application has unlimited versions of the Bible all for free. It also has Bible plans for depression, oppression, addictions and much more. You can subscribe to any of the plans and share with others so you can discuss it together. This is especially if you have someone going through any of these issues (depression etc) at the time. The You Version Bible app is completely free.

You can also come up with short videos about yourself and your testimony. The New Man usually runs a series where believers are encouraged to share their salvation stories and testimonies..this is a very effective medium and you can as well adopt it on your profile. You may also decide to share inspirational videos on your status

For inspirational videos, you can check out You can also access the YouVersion Bible App on Playstore or App Store


I came up with the idea of the five fold digital ministry to make it easy for people who want to take Jesus Digital. You need to choose one of these digital ministries. If yoy want to use Social media, be sure of what platform yoy want to use - Instagram (if  yoy can design properly). If not, yoy can use Facebook.

Also define your audience. You might want to reach teenagers, single parents, divorcees, married couples, courting couples etc. Just define your audience by asking God what He would have you do. Ask and get your message clear from God then choose any one of the five fold digital ministry.

1. Social Media
2. Youtube
3. Podcasts (host on Anchor, Spotify etc). You can talk about depression once a week, 

4. Email Ministry. You can get emails of people by providing some Biblical resources for free then you keep up with sending emails to them. This involves constant interaction through their replies.

5. Blogging (you receive comments, open for interactions etc

In conclusion...

- Let God lead you through the path
- Pray and be a good student of the scripture
- It is a ministry, don't forget that
- Walk in obedience

For my final words, please let God lead you through the path. Whatever and wherever God does not send you, do not go. Make sure yoy get Gods approval before yoy go into digital ministry because it is God who will back up your efforts. The spirit of God does not support what He did not establish in the first place.

Also be a good student of the scriptures. On the internet, you will.receive different questions. Yoy must be a good student of the scriptures to be able to give appropriate answers to the questions yoy are asked.

Again, it is a ministry and you must not forget that. The fact that you can design or write ''Jesus'' on some fancy picture does not automatically mean you are a digital minister/evangelist. You must take it as a ministry. Lives are involved and connected to what you do, so you must pray and walk in obedience. If God  tells you not to publish an article,.you must not publish it. If God says you should not send out a picture, you must not. If agkd tells you not to record a video, don't do it.. Pray. The digital ministry is not based ion the intriguing stories and articles you can write or the designs amd videos you can create/record. The power of salvation is embedded in prayer.

How to follow up new convert

To follow up a new convert is best done through WhatsApp and email marketing. As long  as you have their details, you are good to go. You can also use the You Version Bible app where you check devotionals on salvation, justification and sanctification which you can use in follow up. Most especially, make sure you link your new converts to a local church, no matter the location (even outside Nigeria). The church is meant for building up.

This is a lecture compilation from the M3 Conference held earlier in April 2022. The lecture was delivered by Evangelist Oluwaseun Cephas Alokan

About Evangelist Oluwaseun Cephas Alokan

Oluwaseun Cephas Alokan is a digital evangelist called by God to Take Jesus Digital. He is dedicated and committed to enlightening Christians about the 5-fold digital ministry.

He wears many hats as a digital marketer, web designer, graphics designer, and many more, running the affairs of Xephas Branding and Marketing Group, to provide branding, website, marketing, and sales solutions to business startups, ministries, and organizations.

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