The Damsel and Her Knight


Dear Damsel,

I see you are stuck and waiting to be rescued

Look up now

Set you eyes on the road

Look past the knight galloping towards you

Look to the God of you both

Dear Knight,

Cloth your stallion in the finest armor

Brandish your shining sword and be on your way

A damsel awaits saving

But be careful to remember,

The race is not to the swift

Nor the battle to the strong

You too, dear knight, will need to look up and far

Dare I say, dear knight,

Set your gaze past your golden breastplate and look within

Look within to the Man of War

Look within to your God, the mighty man in battle

To you, fairest of them all, dear damsel

And to your most chivalrous knight,

The One who was never born yet held both your feet as you sloshed into the earth, 

Covered in blood and water,

Would have you know that He expects you to expect Him to be the Hero in every story

He expects you to look up to him

Alas! He awaits to be both your God 

So, on your way, oh Knight

Give rein to your majestic horse

Fly as the wind

And be invisible as air

As long as you remember:

The I AM will not fail to come

Behold, His ears are not blocked that He cannot hear

Nor are His hands shortened that He can not stretch out

He saves still

Dear Damsel, sit and wait

Rearrange your colorful garments

Lift your heavy eyes away from your distress

Wait, I say

Set your eyes on the hills

Look out, not for a man with golden hair and flowing robes

Again, I say, wait

Look to the hills

Look past your knight in shining armor

Look to the old rugged cross,

The one that carries your Saviour,

The Man that will save you

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