Blessed Are They Who Do Not See, Yet Believe: Gospel Today Devotional - 19th August, 2023

You know, the norm remains that people see things before they believe. That's the way it has been, that is the way it is, and that's the way it may most likely continue to be. This is basically because many people walk by sight, and of course, the carnal man(the one who works by sight) cannot grasp the things of the spirit, why? Because they are spiritually discerned (they are understood through faith and not sight). Many people attach themselves to this popular saying, seeing is believing, and pattern their lives, and actions in that direction as well.

Blessed Are They Who Do Not See, Yet Believe: Gospel Today Devotional - 19th August, 2023

Take for instance; if you told someone that you bought a new car, while the person may agree with you based on that which you have said, he would still have to see the car before believing that you have bought a new car. Sometimes, such a person may not even agree with that which you say until he sees for himself the car, else it would just remain a lie to him, not to even talk about the fact that he didn't hear from you himself but someone else. It may even become very difficult to accept.

Today, by the grace of God, we shall be examining an important passage of scripture. The story of our Lord, and Saviour Jesus Christ; how he rose again and revealed himself to his disciples, what effect that had on Thomas who wasn't there when Jesus came at the first, and what lesson we are to learn from it. May we be blessed through this in Christ's name. Amen. The passage of scripture under consideration is seen below,

"Jesus saith unto him, Thomas, because thou hast seen me, thou hast believed: blessed are they that have not seen and yet have believed". (John 20:29).

Mary had gone to the place where Jesus was buried but discovered that the stone had been rolled away, that which was used in securing the tomb. Seeing this, she went to inform the disciples. This created an immediate prompting in them, that Peter, and as the scripture takes record of it, the disciple whom Jesus loved, had to run to the place of Jesus' burial, and discovered that it was even as Mary had said. And although Jesus spoke to them not just about his death, his burial, he did also speak to them about his resurrection, on seeing this, it was as though they never knew he was going to rise on the third day.

While all the disciples left, still not able to explain what had happened, Mary who was left decided to look again, and this time saw what she didn't see at first, and what Peter and the other disciple didn't see when they came. It was at this point it became clear to her that Jesus wasn't taken but that he had risen just like he said to them. She went then to inform the disciples, and while it still looked like a dream, Jesus appeared to them, but on this day, Thomas wasn't there, and when he was told, he didn't believe, why? Because for him, he needed to see before leaving.

Come to think of it, could the disciples have deceived him? Could they have lied to him? Why didn't he believe them? He insisted on seeing Jesus and seeing the evidence of his crucifixion before believing. Well, he did, because the Lord Jesus gave him that opportunity, but he made Thomas understand, that although it is good to see, and then believe, it is more rewardable to see before leaving, for blessed are they that have not seen, and yet believed (which is faith). This is the reward for believing without seeing.

And if you must come to God, you must believe first that he is (even if you do not see him). There's a reward for believing even without seeing. Such people are blessed by the Lord, and let's not forget that without faith, it is impossible to please the Lord. May the Lord help us understand this, and live according to it. Amen.

Daily Nugget: If you must come to God, and please him, you must first believe that he is even if you do not see him, literally.

Prayer: Lord, please help me to walk by faith and not by sight.

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