How to start a church cell group

When you think about church cell groups, what immediately comes to your mind? A group of girls in pink robes with pink journals, or a  group of people who once in a week discuss anything random, or over 200 adults working in a church unit?

 If you thought about any of this, you're getting there but there is more to a cell group than selfies and cute bibles.

So what is a cell group? A cell group is a gathering of believers with a strong brotherhood, meeting frequently to edify themselves in studying the word of God and praying for each other. It's not uncommon to find believers who don't believe in the church for reasons best known to them. 

However, Jesus doesn't call any one of us into a "me and God only" relationship. God wants you to love him and love his bride. These and many more are reasons why it's important to start a bible study group. Members of your cell group don't necessarily have to be members of your local church but they have to be members of the body of Christ. 

 Here are 10 necessary things to consider when starting a church cell group.

1. Prayer: 

As popular as prayer is, it is one of the most underrated subjects. To pray effectively, you need to understand what the Bible says about prayer. In this context, prayer is as simple as asking your friend about an idea you conceived and receiving a reply.

See beloved, God wants to lead us in everything we do. God wants to be involved in our lives, he's not trying to lure us into loving him or following him. He wants us to ask for his help and he will help us. Ask God what he feels about the idea, God will even give you more directions on how it should be done.

2.  Make it a small number: 

It has been observed that groups of above 20 adults are likely  to not be effective. One of the priorities of your small group should be effectiveness. Small cell groups usually outperform the bigger ones. Remember, it is very important that the main purpose of the Bible study cell group is to study God's Word, pray for one another, and love one another fervently. It's also best to start with a small number so that you can know how many you can handle. If you later discover that you're handling this well then you can go ahead to add more members to the church cell group.

3. Tell the people you would love to add concerning your plans: 

Members of your church cell group don't necessarily have to be members of your local church or place of worship. You can send an email or a text informing them of your plans on starting a Bible cell group and you'll love them to be a part of it. It is important to tell them that you see it beyond what everybody sees it as so they can prepare their minds and work with the vision.

4. Online or offline?: 

Technology has made a lot of things we could never have thought possible. Your Bible study cell group can be online based on the collective interest of the members. To decide whether it should be online or offline, you can ask questions like. What is your schedule like? What are the location differences? Which one will be more effective? and so on.

5. Choose the best platform:

 If you want to go for the online platform, I'll recommend the WhatsApp social media platform. This is because we are trying to limit the number of people to a specific number. So you can open a WhatsApp group and add the desired members to the group page. The WhatsApp page will be used for messages while you can employ the zoom app for Bible study classes and mixlr app for prayers.

6. Schedule time for activities:

 Due to everybody's schedule, you must fix a time that will be convenient for everyone on board. Evenings and early mornings are most times are good times to have things like these however, that is still based on your church cell group.

7. Welcome party: 

This might not be necessary but it's not a bad idea. The first day can be a welcome day for everyone joining the Bible study cell group. This is particularly important if members of your cell group aren't people you're familiar with. If this is the case it's okay you make the joining process not so easy so you can know who wants to join because people are so quick to click links.

8. Start with a bible study plan: 

Based on what God is saying for the season you must pick a Bible plan based on that.  You can either draft yours or make use of the Youversion app. The Youversion app is wonderfully created as it has various study plans within the context of the Bible 

9. Prioritize Love: 

Now that your bible study group has been created, we mustn't give in to offenses. One of the best weapons the devil uses in fighting anything good is an offense. Make love lead, it's not possible that no one will offend you throughout.  News flash people might even leave but it's okay for people to leave. 

Reach out to them, let them see it as "we"thing more than it's a YOU thing. 

10. Make mention of them in your prayers:  

Now, members of your Bible cell group are members of your family in Christ. Reach out to them, pray for them, and provide for them. You are each other's responsibility in Christ. Stronger ones should restore weaker ones. 

Finally, put your hear to it and watch what God is set to do through you in this bible study group.

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