Christian Fiction: In all my gettings, I go get money - Part 3

Chidi had passed out but it was too late. He had seen what no one else was to see. When Chidi had been revived, he met a room full of several reptiles. He can't remember traveling with Dwayne Johnson to 'Jumanji'. He was confused. This wasn't Nigeria or any other place he knows. From where he comes from, reptiles don't have human heads. And he has never seen a wide specie of reptiles before. He saw snakes, crocodiles, alligators, lizards, geckos, tortoise, turtles, iguanas and chameleons everything, anything you can think about and even the ones you can't think about. He couldn't express what he was feeling. It was beyond fear. It was beyond amazement. The fact that he was facing reptiles was enough but then their sizes topped it up. Bubbles of sarcasm sprung up in his heart. He stood up abruptly. "Is my eye paining me or am I dreaming", he asked. Suddenly, serpent moved towards him and his snaked-tongue stretched out to Chidi's face. Chidi passed out again.

Christian Fiction: In all my gettings, I go get money (Part 3)

They were very patient with him. There was no point of escape again. If only Chidi could come to terms with this early, then, he'll settle and face what was to come. The circle of rich reptiles just moved round on their bellies with funny gesticulations. They moved round Chidi's body as he lay limp on the floor. The leader, that remained human wore an expensive black suit and paced in little circles round Chidi and the rich reptiles formed a bigger circle outside and kept moving round, making strange and loud sounds.

Chidi was finally awake. He sat up sweating profusely. The loud sounds siezed immediately at the gesture of the fine man in suit. Suddenly, a bowl with a very amoebic figure was passed round. Each person dipped their tongue in it and started the funny sounds again. At this time, Chidi was too limp to move. He just sat still and watched. The bowl went round till it came back to the leader. He took a whole gulp and shook like an earthquake was going on his body. Fast and quick shivers. He then handed the bowl over to Chidi to take a gulp. Chidi's thoughts asked him to throw the bowl and race. He considered that option, but knew he'd die on the spot if he tried it. He took the bowl with trembling hands and took a gulp. He couldn't swallow it. The liquid tasted like blood that has been left out for long and later mixed with concoctions he couldn't figure out. He just sat still with a big cheek where he stored the residue of the liquid.

The leader started talking. He let out instructions, congratulated several of them for new cars, houses, jewelry, jobs, promotions and alot more. Chidi just watched, thinking about several ways he would have escaped being in the midst of rich human serpents if he hadn't made some decisions. The leader went on to welcome Chidi and explain who they were and what they do. He mentioned that "they were very respectable and honest people". Chidi's thoughts wandered away while he pondered on the meaning of honest. He just nodded to everything he said. The liquid was still in his mouth and speaking was far from what he desired to do at that moment.

The leader instructed Serpent to step forward and a series of questions and answers started. The leader reeled on and on asking Serpent questions. He affirmed to most of them. He ended with a brief introduction of Chidi and stated that Chidi wanted to be part of them. Chidi wished he could take back his words. He sat still waiting for the next instruction he'd get. 

The leader asked him to stand and face the congregation. He did. He asked if he wanted to really be part of them and he affirmed to it. He didn't have any choice again afterall. The leader clapped and a white chicken was brought in. He instructed that Chidi cuts its head with his hands and lick some of the blood. He was scared. He knew that anything killing was pertaining to a sacrifice. He took deep thoughts and resolved that he better die than take another's blood. The leader was infuriated at his response. He wanted to beat him up but he became calm. 

Chidi stood on a spot. He didn't even know how to pray again. He just anticipated the worse. The leader instructed that he be laid down on an altar. He told Chidi he had come to the heart of their secret again and if he wasn't going to cut off the chicken's head, then he would be Serpent's offering for the month. He was warned sternly and given another opportunity to choose again. Chidi said firmly again that he wasn't going to give in. He was tied down slowly by invisible ropes. In some minutes, he was held down by what he couldn't see. He just lay still. 

Seun was very disturbed. Chidi had left the house by 8pn and was no where to be found. He had rang his phone severally but no response. He paced about and made silent prayers for him. It was almost dawn and he still hadn't heard anything from Chidi. He called some of their friends to know if Chidi was at theirs but they all proved negative. Seun was frustrated. He didn't know what to do. He just kept praying.

Chidi was still tied down while incantations continued in the background. The leader started shouting suddenly that it was soon going to be dawn. If at dawn, they hadn't transformed to human beings, they could die or remain like that forever. In the state of this panic, Chidi had been forgotten. Everyone hoisted himself up and was transforming back to human form again. Serpent transformed quickly and ran out. Several others followed right after. Chidi was left alone with their leader. He couldn't complete the incantations alone. He just moved his hands seven times over Chidi's forehead. Once he did that, Chidi lost all of his memory. He didn't know anywhere or anyone again. He could barely recognize his image in a mirror or his reflection in water. He drove Chidi by 1am and dropped him by the road side.

He blew air formed in his mouth on Chidi's face. He became dizzy. He didn't know anywhere again. He had lost it. He was as good as mad. He just wandered aimlessly. 

Seun had reported to police stations the next morning for a search. Word was sent out and posters hung all around town of Chidi and his missing report but it was late. Chidi had wandered far and fast. The search continued on for about 6 months to no avail. Seun felt really bad for not knowing where Chidi was headed that night. His family was broken. Their hearts bled from this pain. Seun could never forget. Deep down, he knew Chidi's demise was related to the quest to be rich and make money at all cost but he didn't have the courage to dig deep into it. He wept for weeks. It wasn't going to change anything.

As I write now and as you read, Chidi still remains lost and is wandering the streets or maybe dead by now. 

1Timothy 6:10 For the love of money is the root of all evil: which while some coveted after, they have erred from the faith, and pierced themselves through with many sorrows. (KJV)

 Proverbs 4:7 Wisdom is the principal thing; therefore get wisdom: and with all thy getting get understanding. (KJV)

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  1. As I read, I really wished Chidi could be saved in a way. Really sad, but then, lesson learnt. Thanks for this story


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