Christian Fiction: In all my gettings, I go get money (Part 1)

"In this life ehn, I go make am" Chidi said as he paced the floor. Seun sat at his table, his ears shut with his ear buds. Suddenly, Chidi tapped him rudely.

"Bro, you are not even listening to me". Chidi threw at Seun. He just shot a glance at him and continued his work.

Christian Fiction: In all my gettings, I go get money (Part 1)

Seun was used to Chidi's constant pacing and fussing about making it in life and having lots of money. The pacing and fussing was fine by Seun but he just reminded Chidi not to dig holes in his tiled floor. Don't misunderstand Seun either. He isn't against anybody making money but here was Chidi always drawing out plans to spend money and how he must make money but sleeping in all day. Lest I forget, sleeping in for Chidi meant eating every possible thing in the house too and complaining right after. Funny guy right?, You can imagine.

Tomorrow is Sunday and these grown men would definitely go to church. They were "church boys" from birth. Read that again, slowly, please. Sunday had come and they went to church. They just came back and Seun prompted a discussion. 

"Chidi, how was the service?" He asked.

"Omo! Broooooo, I sleep, neck de pain me self" he said between chuckles elongating the "bro" by adding five more "ooooo" making it clear to Seun that it wasn't good at all. The service seemed really long and boring to him.

I'm not very sure Seun expected it, but he was not really surprised. Seun wasn't exactly a "spiricoco" but he had a working relationship with God. He was a tech bro and worked with Microsoft remotely as one of her technical leads. My bad, my foreign people might not understand who a "spiricoco" is, so let me break it down. A "spiricoco" is someone that wants to talk about Jesus morning till night and eats his Bible as breakfast, lunch and dinner then drinks anointing oil as juice and is always too busy to iron clothes, so wears them like that.  One more thing, you dare not talk down on anything spiritual around them. They could strangle you. For all I care, sorry they care, everything is and must be spiritual including washing clothes, getting a puppy and being vegan. You should get the picture now.

You obviously know what comes next, Seun ignores him of course. Seun settles down to his several online meetings and Chidi goes around looking for what next to put in his mouth while daydreaming or thinking about money again. Finally, after laying hands on a jar of cookies, he takes them to his room to devour. 

He lies on his bed and swipes through his YouTube and sees a 19- year old boy that has bought the latest model of cars for his parents, his girlfriend, one for him and even another to spare. I think the cars were Lexus ES 350, LX 570, ES 300h, IS 250. I can't remember properly now. I would have loved to show you pictures of these cars but please do me a favour, just google them and see their pictures and prices, por favor! Immediately Chidi saw this, he started shouting. He could not believe that in thesame country he was living in without money, there was another young boy spending almost 200 million on cars at once. 

"God!!! I'm I a stick?" He asked, helplessly.

It's sticks that don't have anything or feel anything. He took the pictures to Seun and Seun commended the cars being a lover of cars. He was so annoyed at Seun, he wanted to stone him. 

"Dude, your juniors de buy cars of 200M, you dey here de say 'the car fine o' omase o" he shouted back at Seun shaking his head vehemently and snatching his phone from him. Seun saw that coming, he knew exactly what Chidi wanted him to say. He just laughed. Chidi walked away angrily. 

The next day, Seun heard Chidi shouting as early as 5am. Chidi could never be awake by 5am so he ran to his room. Chidi had a deep revelation and was very elated about it. 

"In all my gettings, I go get money". He said smiling broadly. Seun could not believe his ears. How can someone that grew up in church quote this and say it's a Bible verse and revelation. 

"I will make all the money you have made in a day" Chidi said boldly. Seun shook his head.

"And how do you plan on doing this, mister man?" Seun asked with a spice of sarcasm. Chidi knew he didn't believe him so he resolved in his mind to prove to him. He'd make all of Seun's money in a day and he'll show it to him. 

"Ogbeni ko si lo joor" he shouted at Seun.

You will see, he thought and smiled.

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  1. Chidi should be calming down, it takes hard work, wisdom and God's favour to hammer.....and not just dreaming

  2. Sarcasm at its finest. Great content, nice moral. All the best to Chidi.
    Well written.

  3. Wow. Captivating. Let me see where we are headed before I also say "in all my gettings, I go get money😂


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