Depressed christian: An oxymoron?


Several studies have proven that Christians have fewer symptoms of depression and anxiety. Studies have also shown that Christians can cope with stress. Our religious practices boost our brains and form our consciousness of thriving with challenges. While this is a reality for most Christians it isn’t for every Christian.  

Mental health disorder isn’t a walk in the park for all Christians. Many people make assumptions that all Christians should find it easy to overcome mental disorders. This makes people give unintelligent comments and show a high level of disdain towards mentally challenged Christians.

 I was involved in a conversation some time ago and the question popped up. “Can genuine Christians be depressed"? I was shocked we were having a conversation on that topic. It's as simple as asking “Can genuine Christians be sick"? 

We live in a fallen world that cannot accommodate the true essence of the divine life. God does want us sick is as true as God is not mad at us for being sick. When we are at our weakest, God isn’t trying to hurry us to where we are not instead he is coming down to our level to help us.

  Psalm 34:18

The Lord is near to the brokenhearted; He saves the contrite in spirit.

Believers, can we do better? Let us stop this stigmatization of seeing depressed Christians as lesser or not spiritual enough. 

The belief that God is punishing people for their sins with depression and anxiety also has to be done away with. The God of the Christians loves and doesn't do such things. In Jeremiah 31 vs 34, God said he won't keep records of our wrongdoing. Have you ever thought about it? God expects us to forgive our neighbors every time they offend us. How much more? 

Let's hit the nail on the head.  How can a believer deal with depression and anxiety?

  1. Acknowledge it: 

There is nothing to deal with if we don't first acknowledge how we feel. When you acknowledge it, you'll be open to getting help for yourself. There is a probability you might want to feel strong but get comfortable with the fact that it's okay not to be fine. It's okay to be to have struggles. It's okay to say “I’m just figuring life out".

2. Holy Spirit: 

Understandably, the situation is overwhelming but this moment is a good time to have a great relationship with the Holy Spirit. The Bible says God is close to the broken heart. I recommend seeing a therapist and the Holy Spirit is a great therapist. God loves you so much. You're the reason God made me write this article. God is intentional about you. Cultivate the habit of talking to the Holy Spirit day in and day out. Talk to the Holy Spirit today and watch him direct you. 

3. Dwell with the scriptures:  

Don’t dwell so much on the pain, rather, sit with God’s word. The scriptures are medicine to anyone that finds it. Find your anchor in the scriptures. Get selected scriptures that speak about your Joy in Christ and feed on it till it becomes your reality. Let the situation be a lie and God's word be true. God's word will work for you and you will be fine again. 

4. Journaling: 

Did you notice most of the Psalms were written when David was in distress? Talk about the issues in your journal. Ask yourself meaningful questions. What makes me spark? Why am I feeling this way? What can I do to make things better? Can I find someone I trust to talk to? Write how you feel, don't hold it back. Express gratitude to God for the things going on well. It might not be a lot but you will find something you are grateful for. James says we should rejoice in Christ when faced with trials. 

5. Talk to a therapist: 

There are Christian therapists that you can speak to and sometimes it doesn’t have to be a therapist. It just has to be someone who is genuinely interested in you and knows how to handle the situation. Don’t keep all of those hurt to you. God will start bringing people to you to talk to you.

 6. Practice Joy:

 Be intentional about being joyful, listen to good songs, and stay among joyful believers. Be intentional about being happy for the people around you. Joy is contagious and it can be transferred. Pray much more in the Holy Ghost, attend joy meetings, and practice self-care. Do what makes you happy. 

With Love, ❤️Dupe._On behalf of God who causes us to rejoice at all times._

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  1. Beautiful piece.

    Christians can get depressed but don't dwell in it.


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