Christian Poetry: Drowning Man


If you want water,
Come and drink
and out of your belly shall flow rivers of living water
So you see, God is in the midst of her,
A gurgling spring that will not be quieten

But see again
When you pray sometimes,
It will seem like a well from inside overflows
Until you are surrounded with water,
Not drowning but immersed
And you don't float, waters covers your head
But you are breathing fine

See another thing
I've learnt to wait for God when the atmosphere is the most still
I've learnt to sit and wait when the silence is the most loudest
So, when I feel the first stirring
I know rain will fall
Not from above but from inside
I know the stirring came to remind me
That I have been sitting inside the water
Not outside

So, I'm reminded
That God is in the midst of her
And that as she presses into Him
Many waters will pass over her head
Because she will be immersed

For the last time, see again
You are in the water
You are going under but not drowning
One cannot drown in life-giving waters
You are not falling and by yourself
You are in the midst of Him, still

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