Do Not Just Learn: Gospel Today Devotional - 5th November, 2022

The apostle Paul in his letter to his son in the faith, Timothy said several things, particularly in the third chapter. He talked about the fact that so many things were going to take place as many were going to be doing things that were not the norm. That many were going to deny the faith, become lovers of themselves, unholy, disobedient to parents, etc. 

Do Not Just Learn: Gospel Today Devotional - 5th November, 2022

You know, nothing makes a teacher so happy than him finding out that his students are really into that which he teaches them. He would be so happy that they are practicing and getting that which his class is about. How would you feel if a student keeps attending your class, and gains nothing but keeps coming, and learning all the same? That would make you sad, right? 

The apostle Paul amongst the many things he said made a very important statement, which we shall be considering in the devotional today. The fact is that as believers, we need not just hear, and keep hearing but that the word can change our whole being, and align us with God's will. The verse of scripture is seen below,

"Ever learning, and never able to come to the knowledge of the truth". (2 Timothy 3:7).

Aren't there many people in this category? There are of course.  Why do many still live as though it doesn't matter? We go to church, don't we? We listen to sermons, don't we? There are so many activities designed to feed us with the word of God. But how come we hear, and do little? It's simple, and the scripture above answers these questions, we are ever(always) learning, and never able to come to the truth(never able to practice, and appropriate that which we hear).

Isn't this the truth? That the reason we do not bear fruits is that we do not appropriate into our lives the words we hear although we learn. Let's see what the book of James has to say concerning this, "But be ye doers of the word, and not hearers only, deceiving your selves" (James 1:22).

Dear believers, I trust that this has spoken to us in many ways, that we all need to practice, live out, and appropriate into our lives that which we hear, rather than learning, and always learning but never coming to the knowledge of the truth. May the Lord help us to be doers of his word more than we are hearers of it. Amen.

Daily Nugget: More than we desire to hear the word, and to keep hearing it which of course is good, we should seek to be doers of the word.

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