Leadership Lessons from the Life of Jesus

Leadership is the act of inspiring, motivating or influencing a people to achieve a set of goals.
Leadership is basically about influence.
Why does God choose leaders
1. Leadership is God’s way of bringing men into His purpose –Exodus 3:9-11, Joshua 1, Acts 6:1
2. All through the Bible, God raised leaders to move in new phases.
Leadership breaches generational landmarks
Leadership reproduces and replicates disciples, leaving kingdom legacies and perpetuating generational blessings
The best kind of leadership is the “servant-hood” leadership which  was exhibited by Jesus – Philippians 2
You can see the future in the leader you follow
Leaders help to preserve the Chronicles of godlydoctrine (Acts 1:1 – Jesus “did and taught” – a leader should “do and teach”)
The life behind everything is in “doing it”
Leadership helps to build correct values that form thebedrock of success in life (2nd Timothy 1:5)
Dysfunctional leaders breed Dysfunctional followers. There is a difference between political office holders and true leaders.

Pillars of Influence as a Leader
1. Character – The consistent abiding values of a man that upholds his behavior
2. Charisma – Your gifts that are beneficial to others
3. Inspiration – The word of God, Spirit of God and Godly leaders ahead of you should form your inspiration
4. The law of contact – the contact between the leader and the follower.
The ONLY limitation to the Believer is Himself.
Daniel 1:19-21, Exodus 36:1, Exodus 39:43, Galatians 1:14, 1st Corinthians 1:30, Romans 10:8, Romans 8:11, Romans 6:4

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