Christian Poetry: The Pursuer

 I was a young girl, like a sheep without a shepherd.

I felt hated, unwanted, and rejected.
I walked around looking for affection. Instead, I ended up in the clutches of wolves posing as rescuers.

I was mistreated, taken advantage of, and left feeling dejected.
I diminished into a shadow of myself.
Despite having others around me, I felt alone and lonely because I was living but not existing.
I was living in my own world.

I became aware of a gap.
I had the impression that something was still missing.
All of my attempts to figure it out failed.

My spirit was yearning.
I experienced a sense of attraction, which pleased me, but I immediately retreated, having thought of how worthless I was.
I ran far away.

He pursued me as I ran, leaving the other 99 in his wake to search for me like a shepherd.
Even though I was undeserving, He nonetheless ran after me in tears while comforting me with His rod.
He mumbled to me, still spotting the scars of His discipline, "Child, I'm right here." I would much rather hurt myself than see you suffer further. 
"You should belong with the flock, not out here on your own where death will find you."

I just couldn't figure out why He cared so much about me. What could be so special about me that He would take such an interest in me? 
I didn't deserve this kind of love or His gentle correction.
His presence, though, made me feel protected and safe.

I looked up with tears in my eyes, but the look on His face gladdened my heart.
But I was confused as to why I had to suffer injury from His chastisement when He claimed to love me.
He checked my wound while grinning, and He then remarked, "I occasionally have to hurt to defend."
"As soon as you hear my voice, you'll respond when I call."

"Little One, you are marked by me."
I own you.
I'll watch out for you.
"I will guide you to peaceful meadows and clear streams."

This kind of love is beyond description.
But I would not swap it for anything.
When He is here, I am secure.
I've been covered in a lovely garment, washed in His blood, and now that I'm in His presence, I feel secure.

I was looking for peace, and I found it in Him. Like everyone else, I desired love; I discovered the kind of love that defies human comprehension in Him.
Happiness was what I sought; I experienced unfathomable joy in Him.
He gave me a brand-new life. He changed the course of my life, and now I'm free of suffering and pain.
He beautified everything.

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