Christian Fiction: Voices

 Sonia crawled into the corner of her dark room. She felt a dark presence. Was she just different? Frustration was almost eating her up. Peace eluded her. She could hardly sleep. Different suggestions and nudges randomly came to her heart and thoughts. Different images sprang before her eyes. They were too graphic for her to share with anyone. They seemed too real.

"He is cheating on you", " No one can love you for who you are, they all want something", "you are not worth him", " look at yourself, you are not close to the fine girls he sees", "why do you think he loves you?" 

Joshua treated Sonia very well. He was a gentleman and a Christian. He was raised by his grandmother to treat women right and ever since he started his relationship with Sonia, he didn't fail her in any way. He asked God to teach him to love her like Christ loved the Church and he was committed to following and obeying every instruction the Holy Spirit gave him. Life seemed so beautiful. For a long time, Sonia had been curled up and not receptive. He just kept praying for her. He was determined to love her. After one evening of a cozy dinner and red roses, it looked like he had offended her.

"Why exactly are you doing all you are doing?" That's the first thing he heard after dropping her off. He stared coldly at her and drove away. He needed to keep praying for her. He knew no amount of reassurance would change anything. 

She thought very little of herself.

The worst had been coming and he didn't know.

Immediately he got home, he got a text.

"I haven't been this happy in my life, but I don't know why you are doing all of this. I don't know what you want from me. I am not even beautiful. Please stay away from me. I don't want you to call my line or text me. Neither do I want to see you too. I'll make a transfer to you immediately."

Sonia was one of the most beautiful people he had met. So graceful, her smile could get anyone smiling back easily, her eyes glistened, and everything about her stood out. Why would she think she was not beautiful? And they had been envisioning such a beautiful future together. Why would she even break up through a text? He tried calling but she had blocked him already. And the money? Did he ask her for a refund? He was broken and disappointed. He wouldn't stop praying for her. Something must be wrong.

She rolled to her side and kept tossing back and forth on her bed. After walking out of Joshua's life, it seemed she couldn't have a grip on anything. 

"You are a failure!" It kept shouting at her. What could she do well? She couldn't even keep a good man. She was mentally exhausted from everything she had been going through. She had been a good Christian for a long time. What was happening? Why was her life falling apart? Sonia was frustrated. She just lay in the dark crying. She could talk to Joshua now. It seemed he always had the right replies but where was he right now? Everything accentuated her situation more and made her wallow more in self-pity. 

What was the next step for Sonia? Who could help stop these voices?

We hear voices every day. Which voice do you let dominate you? Which voice do you let control you? Which voice do you let stay with you?

Which voices? You choose!

It's not enough to be a Christian. Feed your mind. Feed your spirit. Feed your soul. And listen to the right voice. Let it spur you to do good. 

Josh.1.8 And don't for a minute let this Book of The Revelation be out of mind. Ponder and meditate on it day and night, making sure you practice everything written in it. Then you'll get where you're going; then you'll succeed. (MSB)

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