What Do You Do When You Are Afraid? : Gospel Today Devotional -26th March 2023

We can be afraid for many reasons. This may be a result of the fact that we are to pay off a debt, get a job before a particular deadline, etc. The reason the fear would come will simply be because we think we may not be able to do or get those things.

What Do You Do When You Are Afraid? : Gospel Today Devotional -26th March 2023

Another thing that we may want to bear in mind is that when we are afraid, we tend to put our trust in people that may not be able to help us, thus, causing us to panic even more. However, as believers, each time a situation makes us afraid, we must do as seen in the scripture below:

"What time I am afraid, I will trust in thee". (Psalm 56:3)

A situation will always arise that may want to bring fear and cause us to worry. Despite this, we are to stay confident, trusting ever in the Lord for strength.

This is the lesson we are to learn today just like the Psalmist, whenever he was afraid, he trusted the Lord. This means that he turned to him for help instead of man, and didn't allow whatever situation it was to prevent him from trusting the Lord.

Do you trust the Lord when situations make you fear and worry? Do you run to men rather than God? Having known this today, what will you do whenever you are afraid? The Lord helps you understand his word. Amen.


Thought for the Day: While situations may arise that may cause us to fear and worry, our trust as believers must always be in God who delivers.

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