Bloody by Oduyale Mercy Oreoluwa

Bloody by Oduyale Mercy Oreoluwa

No man comes bearing good news
With a mask stuck on his face
And it is only a bastard that points
To his father's house with his left hand
But I am a son, a rightful heir
So it's my duty that all men must hear
The Good news that my mouth has to feed
Home and abroad, in the city and in the field.

The is the Gospel, The Absolute Truth
God's own son, born of a womb-man
He came, walked the shores of the earth
Died and was crucified on a cross
And on the third day rose again  
Not by vain power of a powder in a gourd
But by the Spirit of the One true God
Call him the real ANÍKÚLÁPÓ*.

The same Spirit that won the grave
 Is still very much mighty to save
Every lost heart and every dying soul
Teaching us to behave; to say NO
In a world that is drenched in filth and darkness
It tells us to shine as light
And keep up a good faith fight.

Cleansed from every sin and stain
I've been made alive, now a saint
I've been blood washed
So if you catch me red-handed
Know that I really don't care
You can call me a fool
A bloody fool, for Christ.

*ANIKULAPO: A name of Yoruba origin for one who has captured death and put it in His pouch. It is used to convey a sense of invincibility.
In this poem, the poet alludes to a Nollywood movie that has a hero with the same name.

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