The Products of Dedication to Prayers

It is widely known that without practice, there cannot be products, without efforts, there cannot be results, and without responsibility, there cannot be possibilities. This implies that there are results we should expect in life if we start practicing the art of dedication in prayers. Some of them are:

1. Prayer Changes

The Altar of Prayer serves as the altar of change (Luke 9:29). It does not only affects things, but also change the individuals who pray.

2. Prayer Consecrates

The Altar of Prayer serves as the altar of consecration (Matthew 6:13). Through prayers, we can break free from negative habits, connections and associations. The Christian's life is purified via prayer.

3. Prayer Builds up Power

The Altar of Prayer serves as a Conduit to Divine and Spiritual Power (Matthew 6:11). Anything that is available with God is accessible, including supernatural resources, power, mercy, favour etc. One has access to God and his riches through prayer.


Beloved, resolve to devote yourself to God in prayer if you want to experience life transformation, empowerment and access to spiritual resources.

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